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"Pour yourself from the vessel of your containment and flow into the greater self from which you have never been separate"

White Feather

Welcome to the website of Robert Goodwin

Trance medium, author and thinker


Mediumship has always been found within the domain of Spiritualism and more recently has been popularised at theatres and on television. Mediums and psychics demonstrating varying degrees of ability have imparted evidence proving that life after death is a reality. In addition to this a band of knowledgeable teachers working through a small number of trance mediums have also delivered wonderful information detailing both the nature of the afterlife and the laws governing the spiritual progress of the human soul.


Now a new type of human is emerging; one who has the natural abilities of mediumship and esoteric thought, but who is also able to embrace the scientific community. As science and spirituality merge together as never before a new understanding is unfolding - one that both recognises and embraces the source field from which all information, and life emerges.


This is undoubtedly the way forward and one that all true innovators and thinkers will encompass.

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