Connecting worlds - informing minds - embracing hearts

"May the divine power of the Great Spirit reach out to every facet of its creation, bringing peace where there is discord, wholeness where there is fragmentation, hope where there is despair, light where there is darkness and love where there is hatred.

May all realise the futility of aggression and the consequences of their thoughts and actions upon others and ultimately upon themselves.

May the children of men be united in one accord in the knowledge that they are first and foremost the children of life's longing for itself. All peoples, black, white, red, yellow and brown are one people. The race of many colours, that is one race, joined by the indivisible bonds of the spirit.

May common sense, wisdom and truth prevail over stupidity born of ignorance and may the gentle kindness of the loving spirit forever reign supreme over the brutish mentality of those yet to know the joy of spiritual reciprocation.

May those whose eyes are closed, whose hearts are cold and whose minds are asleep, be awakened by the warmth of thy love and the revelation of thy truth.

Great Spirit, these are the words of thy humble servant, who seeks always to serve."


An unbroken partnership of two-worlds, for over 45 years


"When someone passes to my world, you should not think of it as a tragedy for them, but rather as a release from the difficulties experienced in the world of matter. What for you is a loss, is for us, a gain, because it proves once more that death holds no sway over eternal life and that every soul, regardless of its spiritual standing, continues to exist in an unbroken sequence."



Although the mind likes labels, you do not have to inform anyone who or what you are, they will decide for themselves and in all probability they will be wrong. Their intellect dictates, based upon its own social conditioning and wider belief system the 'facts' that it allows to determine its opinions and behaviour and can seldom be persuaded otherwise.

Infinite consciousness however, is not held by such constraints and its unbounded expression reveals a state of enlightenment that resides beyond words.

Long ago I ceased to be confined or defined by anything and in becoming nothing, realised that I was indeed, everything.

The purpose of this site, as well as to disseminate the philosophy of White Feather, is to show that scientific and spiritual knowledge is one - a unity that should be embraced and celebrated. - to arrange a Trance Event

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