Connecting worlds - informing minds - embracing hearts


Although the mind likes labels, you do not have to inform anyone who or what you are, they will decide for themselves and in all probability they will be wrong. Their intellect dictates, based upon its own social conditioning and wider belief system the 'facts' that it allows to determine its opinions and behaviour and can seldom be persuaded otherwise.

Infinite consciousness however, is not held by such constraints and its unbounded expression reveals a state of enlightenment that resides beyond words.

Long ago I ceased to be confined or defined by anything and in becoming nothing, realised that I was indeed, everything.

The purpose of this site, as well as to disseminate the philosophy of White Feather, is to show that scientific and spiritual knowledge is one - a unity that should be embraced and celebrated.


"A truly opened mind cannot be selective in what it sees; for truth and ignorance, goodness and evil, light and darkness, freedom and manipulation are all recognised as opposites appearing in awareness. To acknowledge one and deny the existence of the other is to fail to truly see either." - to arrange a Trance Event