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 What they said about Transcognitive Spirituality:

"This excellent book attempts to assist us in updating the spiritual tangibles that we all sense, to flesh them out in words, to bring them forward into our regular awareness - unblocking the entrances to the reality within. Trying to throw revealing Light onto the still hidden, 'Kingdom of heaven within' spoken of by countless clerics, but all stopping short of pushing their self-destruct button by attempting an explanation.
Life is deathless and is always in the hands of Itself.
'Transcognitive Spirituality' challenges pre-concepts in the same way that Arthur Findlay once did with his classic 'On The Edge of the Etheric', by providing a taste of what today is dimly perceived but offering a feast for tomorrow." 



"An absolutely brilliant book."

G. Davies


"If you welcome science and spirituality linked, as I do, then this book is very informative and eye-opening in places.
The author has obviously done a mountain of investigation and, coupled with his spiritual insight as a medium, has done an excellent job of constructing an educational and enlightening book. I'm glad to have read it and happily recommend it to others."

James McQuitty 



Long ago I ceased to be defined by the constraints of conventional thought,

rejecting all that I had come to be known by.

In becoming nothing, I recognised that I was everything.


Having worked as a 'spiritualist medium' for over forty years

I know that communication from other dimensions is a fact -

achievable by almost anyone willing to expand their consciousness

beyond the confines of their belief system.


Mediums are not 'special' or 'gifted', just aware of the natural ability inherent within every human being.


It is my privilege to be able to share what I know with you.


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