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All for your own good, nothing to worry about

Creating a war to prevent a war - classic Orwellian doublespeak

‘Continuing to hype the threat posed by North Korea, despite their two ICBM tests being eventually conceded to both be failures, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster insisted that the US is fully prepared to launch a “preventative war” against North Korea, to prevent them threatening the US.

The threat is with heavily fictionalized versions of North Korea’s missile program, but McMaster appeared undeterred about the war, saying he wasn’t going to confirm if North Korea really had missiles that could reach the US, before incredibly adding “I mean how much does that matter?”

One would think it matters a lot, since estimates are that a war with North Korea could kill in excess of a million people, destroy large portions of South Korea’s capital of Seoul, and create a region-wide refugee problem in Eastern Asia.

McMaster acknowledged that the war would be “costly,” but again that didn’t appear to separate his assessment that the US is preparing to attack North Korea “preemptively” to destroy a missile program that largely doesn’t work would be a legitimate use of force, saying it would depend on the legal justifications US officials manage to put together.’

Just how stupid can you get?

Geo-Engineering: Insanity of the worst kind

This is what an all out toxic climate engineering cool-down looks like - a patch of chemically ice cloud nucleation cooled surface temps surrounded by above normal and far above normal temps on all sides.

Every chemical cool-down that is carried out by the climate engineers further fuels the overall warming and overall disintegration of Earth's remaining life support systems, something to keep in mind (not to mention the toxic climate engineering elements we are all inhaling with every breath).
This scenario is nothing new, I have covered it countless times, one example is linked below. If the human race does not completely alter the current course, starting with exposing and halting the climate engineering insanity, we won't he around much longer. That is not opinion, speculation, conjecture, or theory, it is a mathematical certainty.

Another brick in place

As you may be aware, Agenda 21 (now Agenda 30) requires the global population to be dramatically reduced, enabling the 'elite' to maintain control far more easily. This article is another small step towards killing people under the guise of 'progress'. Remember the 'Liverpool Care Pathway' of a few years ago - where water and food were denied those considered to be on an 'end of life pathway'? Well, this is another attempt to destroy lives and must not be allowed to happen.

All going to plan for them then......

This has been planned a long time of course and will be sold to the public as a good thing - which it most certainly isn't. Once cash is completely withdrawn from society, only electronic transactions will be permitted. This means that the authorities can not only track you wherever you are, but also decide whether or not you can buy or sell anything - total control.

DNA Mapping for everyone in the UK

So, 'Dame' Sally Davies, the 'Chief Medical Officer' wants everyone in the UK to have their DNA 'mapped'. As usual, it is suggested that this will enable better treatment of cancer and 'rare' diseases because it will enable doctors to specifically target these to the individual, rather than employing the normal blanket drug approach. Sounds good, I agree. But, if will it not also allow those who want to drastically cut the global population (see Agenda 30) to also develop methods that could be used to specificallt target certain types of DNA profile - say, for example, white males over 40 or black females over 50? Or how ablout those with a high IQ? When you have the information, you have the power. Cancer is a massive industry, that has been designed and maintained to kill people, that is why 1 in 2 people now get the disease in one form or another.

Let's not make it any easier for them eh?


The 5G Network: What You Don't Know May Kill You

Telecom companies are rolling out the 5G wireless network across the USA, with small cells to be installed everywhere and sensors utilised to implement the Internet of Things, with no regard for the expected impacts on health and the environment. This model is also planned to be implemented globally.

But what about the people already suffering with symptoms of EMF radiation from wifi, smart phones, smart meters, and newer vehicles? The dangers of certain new technologies, as is the case with some biotech and toxic foods, represent a much more insidious reality: cancer causing, body disrupting frequencies.

The attitude of such technological innovators is perfectly represented in by Tom Wheeler’s statements, pushing for American exceptionalism, demanding 5G deployment as soon as possible with little to no testing of the effects on human beings or the natural environment. He says billions of dollars are ‘damn important,’ with the part mentioning billions of dollars mysteriously absent from the speech’s official transcsript.

Don't believe what they tell you

Problem, Reaction, Solution

In light of the recent wave of 'terror' attacks, particularly in the UK and mainland Europe, one question should always be asked in theb aftermath - who benefits from this?

I have witnessed time and time again, the same old 'Problem, Reaction, Solution' method being employed by those who are slowly bringing in the Orwellian Big Brother new order. At the time of writing this, I expect the current UK Prime Minister to pledge extra funding to put more armed police on the streets (as was always planned) and crucially, tighten up and clamp down on cyber' security by allowing greater censorship of the internet (as was always planned) and more surveillence of phones, emails and the public in general.

It is abhorrent that innocent people should be sacrificed by this tyranny in order to bring about these changes, but quite truthfully the 'elite' who think they have a God-given right to control this world, don't give a damm about human life - in fact they mostly revile it. We are just 'useless eaters' and fodder to them I'm afraid.

So, keep your eyes open and your mind clear and you will see the clues to all of this, plainly hidden in view.


I came across Rachel Flowers several years ago when I heard her play some of Keith Emerson's (ELP) keyboard pieces. I couldn't beleive how talented she was, but she has since blossomed into one amazing young woman. More significant to me though, is that here is a perfect example of an 'old soul' coming into this world to demonstrate that a major impairment such as blindness need be no obstacle to achievement. She came in with the knowledge, know-how and gift to reach out to many. Take a look at this short clip and be truly inspired.

Beta Kittens - servants of the devil worhsipping elites

Terrorism is part of the new zeitgeist, and it serves a litany of political and social objectives for government, as does occult symbolism which is introduced to our culture by Hollywood and the beta kittens of the Illuminati-controlled music industry.

Symbolism and Sacrifice

In the case of the recent Manchester attack, the intriguing matter of Illuminati sybolism is overtly present, given the fact that the attack took place at an Ariana Grande concert, a performance artist who is unquestionably part of the Hollywood/Illuminati cult of mind control and social engineering. This is the segment of pop culture which includes the network of over-sexualized young celebrity women trained to perform self-demeaning and occultish acts for enormous audiences. These are the ‘artists’ who receive the most support from the music industry, the greatest production budgets, the most airplay, the most press and the most gossip. These are the artists who are often seen adorned in Illuminati symbolism and often photographed with one eye covered in homage to the ubiquitous image of the all-seeing eye at the top of the pyramid. The term ‘beta kitten’ refers to the ‘kitten programming’ applied to young females who’ve been selected to serve as mind controlled slaves by members of the occult elite, as outlined in MK Ultra and Project Monarch. Their role in pop culture today is to normalize occult symbolism and teach subservience to darkness.

Grande was in Manchester for the UK performance of her ‘Dangerous Woman’ tour when an alleged suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowd of young Grande fans as they exited the show, killing 22 people on May 22nd. Grande herself was not harmed.

She is very much a part of the entertainment industry’s arsenal of cultural programming weapons. While she may very well be talented and beautiful, her career is the product of her handlers. In 2014, it received a boost from the major players in the music industry, at which time she began being photographed with one eye covered.

The one eye photo is a very common sign of allegiance to the powers for whom these pop stars work for.

Several of Grande’s music videos also demonstrate her connection and service to the Illuminati and to their predictive programming and occult symbolism.

Manchester Terror Attack - terrorists never win

What's happening to the Schumann Frequency?

Artificial Intelligence explained

Do we live in a simulation?

As I wrote in my latest book 'Light:The Divine Intelligence it is not beyond the realms of possibility that we live in what amounts to an incredibly detailed and complex computer simulation. Our first thought is that such an idea is totally absurd, but we should perhaps, not dismiss this idea so quickly.

Last summer, when asked at the Code Conference in southern California if the answer to the question of whether we are in a simulated computer game was 'yes', Elon Musk said the answer is 'probably'.Musk believes that computer game technology, particularly virtual reality, is already approaching a point that it is indistinguishable from reality'If you assume any rate of improvement at all, then the games will become indistinguishable from reality, just indistinguishable,' he said.'Even if the speed of those advancements dropped by 1000,'We are clearly on a trajectory to have games indistinguishable from reality, and there would be billions of there.'It would seem to follow that the odds that we're in 'base reality' is one in billions', Mr Musk said.

A London firm is hoping to turn the world into a simulation, and make 'The Matrix' a reality.

Improbable has developed a system to build huge virtual and simulated worlds, and today revealed a massive new investment to boost its smart software.

It is already working with cities around the world to create complex simulations of entire regions to aid planners, and say its software can be used for everything from gaming to creating new worlds humans can live in using headsets.

'Our vision is to create massive virtual worlds,' Herman Narula, CEO of Improbable told

'Basically, we want to build the Matrix,'

The company, which also has offices in San Francisco, today revealed it has raised $502 million in funding led by SoftBank, with previous investors Andreessen Horowitz and Horizons Ventures also participating.

'We believe that the next major phase in computing will be the emergence of large-scale virtual worlds which enrich human experience and change how we understand the real world,' Narula said.

No Narula, it's nothing of the kind, It's so that the 'elite' can control humans from birth to death (their choosing) and everything in between as Aldous Huxley, George Orwell and others warned many years ago.


Agenda 30

As planned - human embryos will be 'grown' in labs

They are telling us that the 'artificial womb' seen in the video below is to 'help protect premature babies and couples who can't conceive or give birth naturally' - so nothing to worry about, as usual. Except that the plan is to grow human fetuses in these contraptions, doing away with natural birth entirely. Not only will couple be able to select their child but they will also be able to choose certain characteristics such as gender, hair colour, skin tone and numerous genetic differences.
However, on the downside (it's all a downside really) babies will be bred by the state to enhance certain characteristics and any 'weaklings' will be discarded or used for experimentation. Some children will be bred for use in satanic rituals, some for sexual graitification, others as soldiers, some to perform menial tasks....the list is endless. This will effectively impose stringent controls on any incoming soul and further destroy its natural free-will through genetic manipulation. In short, this is pure, undiluted evil.
I would also suggest to you that growing human embryos is already taking place and has been for a while now, in deep underground bases and secret locations throughout the world. The idea of showing a lamb developing is simply to introduce the idea to humans and begin to softening up exercise that will lead to approval and acceptance. Don't be fooled that this is to save lives, they always use that excuse. Read Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World' which like Orwell's '1984' is a blueprint manual for the agenda.

Another 'training' drill

Hobsons Choice

‘Russia must decide whether it will stick with the “toxic” Assad government or work with the rest of G7 on a political solution in Syria, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said, adding that G7 nations on Monday will discuss the possibility of further sanctions against Syrian and Russian figures.

Russia and Iran warned jointly on Sunday that they would “respond with force” if there were further US attacks on Syrian government forces. They said American military intervention is a “violation of international law.”

Johnson wants Western nations to draw up “very punitive sanctions” in response to last week’s alleged chemical attack on a rebel-held area, in which up to 90 people were killed.

A paper on sanctions has been prepared for a meeting of G7 foreign ministers in Lucca, Italy, which starts on Monday. Johnson wants the G7 to issue a joint declaration that Russia should end its support for Assad and remove its forces from the war-torn country.’

So, our western leaders have now backed Putin into a corner over Syria with lies and threats. Non of their 'evidence' has been substantiated and yet they speak with one voice as if the facts were beyond dispute. This can now go one of two ways; either Putin will distance himself from Assad in favour of preventing war with the west, thus allowing the US and its 'allies' to continue funding ISIS and anti Assad rebel groups that will eventually destroy the country, allowing the west to install a puppet government and re-build it, as with Iraq,(ie.: Rothschilds banks will then gain a foothold) or the Russians will stay loyal to Assad and risk the likelihood of WWIII and millions will perish. I just hope that those behind this long planned strategy can live with themselves because either way, the outcome doesn't bear thinking about.

When you're persecuted for telling the truth

Democratic congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has provoked a backlash from senior Democrats after refusing to take Syrian President Bashar Assad’s complicity in the Idlib chemical attack at face value and demanding proof.

The remarks infuriated some “progressive” Democratic figures, including former Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Howard Dean and former Hillary Clinton policy director Neera Tanden, now the President of the Center for American Progress, a pro-Democratic Party think tank. The two suggested on Twitter that Gabbard, who also famously visited Syria for a covert “fact-finding” mission, should be expelled from Congress for her doubt of Assad’s guilt.

“People of Hawaii’s 2nd district – was it not enough for you that your rep met with a murderous dictator? Will this move you?” Tander wrote on Twitter on Friday, referring to Gabbard’s recent comments she made to CNN.

But that's the whole point of living in the Orwellian Big Brother world surely - the state tells you what the 'truth' is and you have to believe it. How dare anyone use their own reasoning mind to question anything the state says is true.


If you are at all 'awake' (and I assume that you must be if you are visiting this website) you can't have failed to notice the massive increase in chemtrail spraying across the skies. Wherever you live, in Europe, USA and Australia, you will have been subjected to this atrocity. Government and scientists alike deny that chemtrails even exist, preferring instead to bruch it off as normal aircraft contrails (which do exist, but which dissipate within a short time). In short, you are being LIED TO. Here is what Wikipedia wants you to believe:

"The chemtrail conspiracy theory is the unproven belief that long-lasting trails, so-called "chemtrails", are left in the sky by high-flying aircraft and that they consist of chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed for sinister purposes undisclosed to the general public.[1] Believers in the theory argue that normal contrails dissipate relatively quickly and that contrails that do not dissipate must contain additional substances.[2][3] These arguments have been dismissed by the scientific community: such trails are normal water-based contrails (condensation trails) that are routinely left by high-flying aircraft under certain atmospheric conditions.[4] Although proponents have attempted to prove that the claimed chemical spraying does take place, their analyses have been flawed or based on misconceptions.[5][6]

Because of the persistence of the conspiracy theory and questions about government involvement, scientists and government agencies around the world have repeatedly explained that supposed chemtrails are in fact normal contrails.[2][7][8]

Only when enough of us wake up sufficiently to do something about this, will change occur. The chemtrails contain posions (barium and other pathogens have been found) that over time accumulate in our bodies leading to cancers, dementia and auto-immune diseases. This approach is know as the 'soft kill' technique and in a document produced many years ago titled 'silent weapons for a quiet war'
this approach and methodology was outlined and has sinec been implemented by those carrying out their agenda. I repeat again; WAKE UP and share this information to as many people as possible. Only when enough are aware, can things change. Doing nothing is not an option.

The power of consciousness

Pure gold from Icke

A Doctor speaks

I had the great privilage to attend one of this man's lectures in 2014 - well worth a watch.

The internet/human interface

What a farce

By BBC home affairs correspondent Tom Symonds

(So be aware that this has gone through the BBC filtering mechanism that only lets you read what they want) - my comments are in RED throughout.

"One of the many criticisms levelled at the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual abuse centre on the view that it is too focused on the past. Yes, because they don't want any focus on what is happening on a massive scale today - hence the overuse of the term 'Historic Abuse'

This investigation dates back to 1945, but some of the child migrants are still alive, and their mistreatment as children is undeniable.

Perhaps, then, this is safe ground for a public inquiry hoping to demonstrate its value following two and a half years of controversy.

The hearings may well be able to establish the wider pattern of sexual abuse, which permeated the institutions abroad which received children. I doubt it Tom, see my comments above.

This has never been attempted by a previous official investigation. No, because they've always been closed down by government ministers when investigations got to0 close to the truth.

The inquiry panel will also be able to draw conclusions from the sheer length of time it has taken for some of those abused to disclose what happened, something that is likely to be a common theme in the inquiry's work. Ever asked yourself why these 'public inquiries' take so long to take place Tom? This is not by accident that's for sure.

However, on a day when this troubled project really started to be making progress, it managed to shoot itself in the foot by leaking sensitive data - not for the first time. Just an unfortunate accident Tom, nothing to worry about. 'Lessons will be learned' isn't that the standard phrase?

The first phase of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) inquiry is looking at the way organisations have protected children outside the UK.

Between 7,000 and 10,000 children were moved to Australia after World War Two.

They were recruited by religious institutions from both the Anglican and Catholic churches, or charities, including Barnardo's and the Fairbridge Society, with the aim of giving them a better life.

Many, however, went on to suffer physical and sexual abuse in homes and so-called farm schools run by religious orders and charities. No change there then, this is still going on massively today and includes widespread satanism featuring prominent politicians, actors, musicians and other 'famous' celebrities.

Watch this space for even less news as the inquiry falters, is delayed, sees resignations and is generally put on the back burner by the media.

30 seconds to midnight

Even if you don't have time to watch the whole of this video, I recommend that you take a look from 49mins in - it reveals a lot about the current Neo-Nazi elements that have infected the USA since the end of WWII.

Honesty, from a senior political figure for once?

If Trump is being totally honest here, I have to agree with him. In fact a bit more of this kind of honesty is what has been lacking in governments worldwide.

The build up continues

US troops arrived in Bulgaria on Wednesday, with armored vehicles and heavy equipment to be shipped by the end of the week as part of NATO’s significant buildup in Eastern Europe, the Bulgarian Defense Ministry has said.

Around 120 US servicemen from Fort Carson, Colorado were accommodated at the Novo Selo military base in the east of the Black Sea country, according to Bulgarian officials.

“Joint drills and training at Novo Selo training range will be increased this year. The US army troops will be rotated for the drills,” the defense ministry said as cited by Reuters.

On Tuesday, tanks and hardware accompanied by another 500 American troops arrived in Romania.

The deployment is part of Atlantic Resolve, the operation to reassure NATO’s allies in the region following Russia’s reunion with Crimea and accusations of Moscow being involved in the Ukrainian conflict.

Russia has denied the claims.

Last summer, NATO members agreed to boost its NATO presence in Eastern Europe and the Baltic region to levels not seen since the Cold War - posting four rotating multinational battalions to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland.

In January, 2,800 pieces of US military hardware, including Abrams tanks, Paladin artillery, and Bradley fighting vehicles, and 4,000 troops arrived in Europe as part of the operation.

READ MORE: Spain plans to send 6 tanks & 350 troops to Latvia as part of NATO buildup – reports

The forces took part in drills in Poland and were then deployed across seven countries, including the Baltic States, Bulgaria, Romania, and Germany.

American troop deployment accelerated in the last months of the President Barack Obama's presidency as his successor, Donald Trump, announced plans of mending relations with Moscow.

However, Trump’s rhetoric towards Russia has changed since he took office, with White House spokesman, Sean Spicer, saying on Tuesday that the new president “expects the Russian government to de-escalate violence in Ukraine and return Crimea” to Kiev.

READ MORE: 'No incidents over Black Sea': Russian MoD denies 'unprofessional & unsafe' flyby of USS Porter

On Wednesday, the new US Defense Secretary, James Mattis, who was on his first European visit, warned NATO allies that America will “moderate its commitment” to the alliance if other members don’t increase their financial contribution.

“No longer can the American taxpayer carry a disproportionate share of the defense of western values,” Mattis said.

But the Defense Secretary assured President Trump's “strong support” for NATO, calling the block “a fundamental bedrock for the United States and for all the transatlantic community.”

Moscow has criticized the expansive NATO military buildup on its borders, saying it increases the risk of incidents and poses a threat to Russian national security.

“This deployment is, of course, a threat for us,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksey Meshkov said last week, adding that “it is obvious that the steps by NATO gravely increase the risk of incidents.”

Ask yourself the question - 'Why would NATO escalate the 'cold war' with Russia by continuing the build up of troops in Bulgaria? There could be several reasons:

1) They are giving a Western show of strength to Russia, should it be thinking of extending its territory.

2) They are planning a war with Russia (which by default would draw in China) - this has long been planned as part of WWIII

3) Its just part of normal NATO military exercises (unlikely)

Bearing in mind that NATO was set up after WWII to help maintain peace in Europe, it seems to me that a shift has or is taking place that sees them being a more offensive than defensive organisation - more like a European Army (which is the eventual aim anyway). So, as always, keep vigilant and watch this story closely because it could be the start of WWIII, heaven forbid.

Signs of the times

The greatness in you

GM Crops to be grown in the UK

So the British government has given the green light for a new experimental crop of genetically-modified (GM) wheat to be grown, despite strong opposition from around 30 green groups. It was only a matter of time before this happened.

But were you asked? No, me neither. Yet, we will be expected to consume foods contaminated with genetically modified DNA (we are already as it happens) without any choice.

Why would any sane society risk the potential consequences associated with GM crops unless there was a purpose behind it? Well, of course there IS a purpose - the same purpose as fluoridated water, chemtrail sprayed skies, the cancer industry scam, statins, flu jabs and other vaccinations, smart meters, microchips, the move towards a cashless society, CCTV and trackers, austerity cuts and a whole lot more besides. As I have said so many times, the human race is being 'taken out' slowly and surely by an intelligent predator. What is left of humanity (if you know about Agenda 30 you will understand what I mean) will then be used as slaves for the 'elite' few at the top of the pyramid. In fact, those slaves will be part-human/part robot - born into a world where technology and biology will be merged. They will know no different and their entire short lives will be lived serving those who think themselves superior.

If this sounds like some ridiculous sci-fi world, think again. It is happening now and very few people are aware that it is unfolding right in front of them. Those that do know are targetted by the system and either ridiculed or killed to order.

It was never my intention, when I set up this website 20 years ago, to be writing about this type of agenda - but the facts speak for themselves and the truth, however horrific, cannot be ignored.

Read more here

Light Pillars

A number of Russian cities have been treated to an awe-inspiring sight of so-called light pillars seemingly shooting up from the ground all the way up to the horizon and beyond.

Vertical beams of bright light, reminiscent of columns, were captured by sleepless Russians over the past weeks, and the stunning images were quickly shared on social media.

Is history about to repeat itself?

Why are you afraid of the fear?

A nice reminder from Rupert Spira - well worth watching.

Isis scam

Tesla - what they don't want you to know

This isn't my kind of future

You can find out more about Ray Kurzweil and the whole Transhumanist agenda, in my latest Podcast, available free, now.

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