From time to time, White Feather answers questions submitted by readers of this website and the five books of his teachings. Here are a few questions and answers not featured before:

Q: Can you please explain how two people appear to have similar memories of a reincarnation of the same soul?

White Feather: "Let me say that there are a number of possibilities relating to this scenario. Perhaps the most obvious might be that in a past incarnation two distinct individuals shared experiences that brought them together in such an intimate fashion and memory traces of their past relationship have been carried forward into the current incarnation, assuming of course that they have both reincarnated once more. Perhaps the most plausible explanation and the one to which I would adhere, without knowing the full facts would be that they are both facets of the same individualised soul. For it is possible for two facets of the one soul to reincarnate at the same time and this would of course explain how both of the current individuals have access to the same memories and experiences of one former existence. But I must emphasise again that it is quite rare for two facets of the same individualised soul to be upon the earth at the same time, although it is possible. If indeed this is the case then I would suggest quite strongly that it is because there is work to be undertaken that requires that both facets experience this current lifetime in close coordination with each other. May I suggest also that if indeed these two facets of the one diamond have chosen to reincarnate together, then there may also be some deeper aspect of Karma which is being outworked.
Whatever the cause and the purpose behind it, they can be assured that it is not by chance or accident and that there is some deeper spiritual purpose being fulfilled."

Having been earlier emailed a question regarding the ancient civilisations of Mu and Lemuria, to which he had given a reply, the same questioner followed up with second request of the guide:

Q: In your answer regarding Lemuria, you said that our current time was different to that of centuries ago. If time is a function of the sun/earth cycle, could you explain your words?

White Feather: "
In regards to the question concerning Lemuria or Mu as it is often referred to, my comment was aimed not at the functioning of time itself, although that aspect has to be considered, but rather the measurement of time. For you see, the measurement of time is not the same as the passage of time. You are quite right when you say that at least in regard to this earth your perception of time is coloured by the passage of your planet around the sun, which in your current way of thinking takes some 365 days - although even this is inaccurate which is why every four of your years or so,  you add on a day, which you call a 'Leap year' in order to correct this imbalance! But try to understand that this measurement is only based upon your current calendar and the structure of time as it is divided into seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years. For example, the Mayan calendar is a little different than the calendar which you now employ. Previous calendars, which pre-date even the Mayan calendar were different to what you now know. So even though the earth still continues on its cycle around the sun in virtually the same time, the measurement and description of that time has differed with the epochs of history.

The other aspect which you might wish to consider is that time is relative to who, what and where you are in relation to space, in relation to the degree of consciousness which you are able to exhibit. Was it not Einstein who demonstrated that were you to leave the confines of your world and travel at something approaching the speed of light, the passage of time would be different than had you remained upon the earth? Do you think that a fish or a fly or even a tree perceives the passage of time as you do? Do you think that a bird or a cat or a horse perceives the passage of time as a human? Of course not. For their perception of time is in accordance with their evolution and their ability to perceive within and through the vehicle of expression which that aspect of the spirit operating through them, experiences. So to emphasise the point which I was trying to make; it is that man so often thinks that time and its measurement is fixed and that what is now, has always been. In reality, it has not."

Q: When a soul returns from the spirit through a trance medium, it appears that they attune to their previous earthly conditions on their first return, but each subsequent visit they appear to gradually be relieved of these conditions. Is this a refinement of their personal attunement to earth or that of the medium?

White Feather : "First of all you must understand that there are laws which operate which ensure and determine that any individual upon linking with a medium in your world, cannot easily hide what they are. Indeed, to the perceptive mind they are an open book and even though in your world they may have been able to deceive others through wearing a persona or mask, once in my world these falsities are stripped away and every individual is as they are. Thus, when returning to communicate through an instrument upon your earth, they cannot be other than that which they are.

However, once that signature has been recognised there is no need for it to be repeated for the medium at an unconscious level, will recognise who the communicator is and the continuous repetition of proof need not be applied. So to answer the question 'is it a function of the medium or the spirit communicator and their ability to link to the earth conditions?' it is a matter of both to a degree. For the communicator will find it easier to link with the medium and the medium will find it unnecessary to keep providing the same facts over and over again.

Perhaps if I can draw a simple analogy for you it may help to clarify matters; let us suppose that you, representative of the medium, were to knock upon the door of a house looking to communicate with its inhabitant. Upon making this request you are never quite sure if there will be a response, for it is after all, not your house. When the response comes, you find that the window on the second floor opens and a voice calls out and speaks to you. You hear it and reply. You cannot see the individual unless they choose to appear at the window and lean out so that you may see them and perhaps you can only faintly hear their voice in the room. However, were they to descend the stairs and open the front door, then you would sense a great deal more about them. You would see them quite clearly, what they were wearing, their height, their build, their mannerisms, their voice and even what smell they may impart. You may get instantly, a greater sense of the individual and with your perception be able to weigh up and consider what kind of person they are. And yet, further communications may not require that the door be opened, for you know with whom you are linking. You know their locality and they know you, so communication can operate at a different level.

So you see, this is how mediumship operates and although the analogy may be crude or over simplified. It serves to illustrate the point which I am trying to make."

Q: Is there a link between the White Brotherhood, The Essenes and the Cathars?

White Feather :"
Let me make it quite clear that the White Brotherhood of which I speak and of which I am a part is a collective of many souls, some whose earthly incarnations date back many, many thousands of years. Thus it is that there are souls who have experienced upon your earth within all races, all creeds, all time periods. Now you may say 'what qualifies such individuals that they may become part of this brotherhood of souls?' It is certainly not any belief system that relates to any societies, creeds of associations that have appeared upon the earth. Rather it is the quality of their spirituality, their understanding, their wisdom, their development, their humility. Were you to look at the index of the great book containing the names of the many souls who are of this collective, you would see the Hindu, the Jew, the Catholic, the Protestant, the Atheist, the Buddhist, the Zionist, the Essene, the Cathar, the Red Man, the Chinaman, the African……and every other colour, creed, race and category you wish to define. I cannot emphasise strongly enough that the White Brotherhood of which I am a part has moved beyond any man made roots or beginnings that it may have had and is truly a spiritual collective that seeks only to impart knowledge, truth, understanding and wisdom to those into whose orbits it comes. Always remember, that every great ocean has countless rivers and streams that flow into it and it matters not how long and winding their journeys have been, only that once having reached the ocean they have acquired the necessary spiritual credentials that allows them to partake in the ebb and flow of  the greater spiritual directive, which is aimed at helping and assisting every facet of The One to achieve the highest plateau of spiritual growth and attainment."

We are told that when we leave the earth plane, each soul will undergo the 'Shadow Show' which may be likened to a fast moving video of our life experiences where we judge our self. This suggests that the etheric brain or mind holds a memory of these experiences. If so, could this memory together with the memories of others, explain what is sometimes called the Akashic Records?

White Feather: "
Yes indeed, everything which has ever occurred to every individual is recorded and registered upon the etheric and when death occurs to the physical body, those memories, those experiences contained within the etheric brain are taken forth into the higher realms and help to form the very fabric of the higher spiritual bodies and the realms which they inhabit. The Akashic Records do indeed contain this information but not only human experiences, for they are a complete record of the history of your planet and pre-date the human experience and existence. For you must remember that your world existed for many centuries, before man set foot upon it - before the evolution of physical form allowed a higher degree of spirit to manifest and express consciousness. So everything that ever was, is and will be, is registered and recorded within the Akashic Records and this can be accessed by anyone provided that they have earned the right and have the means to do so. It is a pure, undiluted and untainted record of history that appertains to every facet of life that has ever experienced upon your world and thus, nothing can be hidden in any form."

Q: If someone creates Karma does that Karma have to be paid back to the person it was against individually? I'm not saying this very well am I! Say someone did a disservice to me, would I have to incarnate so it could be paid back to me specifically?

White Feather: " It depends sister upon the degree of Karma that is accrued. For example, someone who in a position of responsibility, let us say in government, can make a decision willfully knowing that that will affect the lives of many thousands or hundreds of thousands of people in a negative way. That individual in government who has made that decision in a certain degree of knowledge, knowing the implications of it, has to face the fact that they have created Karma for themselves. It doesn't mean that they have to individually address that with all one hundred thousand people that they have affected."

Q:  I know that we've all evolved through a range of beings, but it sometimes seems that the progression to our human status doesn't go hand in hand with enlightenment, because some animals have so much more love than some humans. I just want to understand if some people can digress instead of progress or is it just our personality seeing it as that, and spiritually they don't actually go backwards.

White Feather: " If there is a digression it is temporary because as I said earlier I have found always that progress is an upward spiral. There may be some lifetimes in which it appears that one regresses or stagnates but in the overall scheme of life this is a temporary state and does not reflect the true nature of spiritual progress. You may find for example that in one lifetime one has to outwork a particular Karmic situation that results in physical pain or suffering and no apparent progress, and I use the term apparent very deliberately, that no apparent progress is made in that lifetime, but if you witness that from the higher vantage point of the soul you would see that indeed it had not been a regressive lifetime and that the lesson has been learned, the Karma has been outworked, and the purpose of that life has been served. So referring to what I said earlier, you always have to look from the hillside, not from the valley. Look with the eyes of the spirit and you will see that all life is a progressive movement, always."