Do you buy into the five-sense reality or are you aware of much more?


 "We are not born into the world. We are born into something that we make into the world." Michael Talbot (1953-1992)

The illusionary '5 sense reality'

Simply, it is the way in which we perceive and evaluate the world around us through our five physical senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell). These limited 'windows' on life enable us to receive information that our brain translates into an awareness of what we consider to be 'real'. This reality is often perceived to be external to ourself, largely because of the way in which the brain portrays the information it receives. Thus, when we see another person or object we think of it as separate to us, simply because it 'appears' that way. Without going into a deep explanation of quantum physics here, this separateness is an illusion, for in truth, everything is part of one vast continuum. However, because of the way in which the world is structured, we are 'educated' into acceptance of the version of reality that science, religion or society presents to us as valid. From a young age we may not question this, just as we may not question other aspects of this map, such as the official version of history or various explanations put forward as truths. Not until, that is, we become aware that the official version of reality is deeply flawed.

For reasons of manipulation and control, we are deliberately denied access to higher knowledge and understanding by those who look upon the majority of us as mere sheep. No sooner one or more of us try to escape this 'prison without bars' we are quickly slapped down and put back into place by either our own contemporaries or by the powerful media machine that is programmed to maintain the status-quo or the 'official' version of what reality is supposed to be.

Spiritual teachers and those who are more aware than most, 'know' that this 5 sense version of reality is but a tiny part of the greater whole. They know, that given the means and the opportunity, man would be able to rise above all ignorance, greed, selfishness, fear, oppression and darkness. They know that at the highest levels, man is divine in nature and capable of greatness. We, both as individuals and collectively must begin to throw off the shackles placed upon us and attune our energies to the truth of what is. As 'time' (an illusion of consciousness) passes, the agenda of manipulation and control will increase and more and more events will be created in order to bring in greater control over every man, woman and child on this planet. The global fascist state is taking shape moment by moment, but can only come into being if we allow it to happen. If we change our thinking and attune to the higher aspects of ourselves, we will begin to see clearly, what is planned and the way to change the future of our world.

We are all multi-dimensional beings, blessed with the most awesome powers of mind and spirit. When we fully realise this simple yet profound fact, then and only then, will the world 'around us' change for the better. What we think and focus upon, we get.

To introduce a broader concept of how we truly create the 'reality' around us and what appears to be 'external' to ourselves, consider the following concept:

Everything is the same energy/awareness in different manifestations - waveform, electrical/electromagnetic, digital and holographic and all are expressions of each other. The universe and everything contained 'within it' is conscious. All the atoms, quarks, electrons and other particles are by-products of the process in which waveform information is decoded into electrical, digital and holographic states. Reality is whatever we THINK it is because our beliefs and perceptions influence the decoding process to become our apparent experience.