2019 will see humanity one step closer to becoming a slave race, controlled by implanted microchips and subject to the whim of a global dictatorship. This is part of a very sinister agenda known as Transhumanism - the merging of biology (humans) and technology (Robotic machines). Part of this, although my no means the entirety, is the implanting of microchips (see more below).One of the main protaganists of this agenda is Ray Kurzweil (see above)

According to Transhumanists, by 2025, there could be human consciousness "transplanted" into a robotic body which would replace the flawed physical bodies we now use.The end goal for Itskov would be artificial brains controlling holographic bodies in 2045.Referred to as neo-humanity. Hiroshi Ishiguro, Japanese robotics researcher presented his android Geminoid (Latin for "twin") that he controlled remotely through connections to the internet and is able to see with cameras for eyes. Istkov has begun his own political party in Russia called Evolution 2045 (see video) The Transhumanist Agenda uses eugenics, reproductive controls, sterilization campaigns, genetic engineering, RFID chips and rewiring of the brain through pharmaceuticals to achieve their goals. Their quest for 'immortality' (we are already immortal) with the merging of human and machine is just one part in their convoluted scheme to retain their global dominance over our society. For now, the general public are guinea pigs to be used to prefect their experiments so that by 2050, they hope to have fully implemented their control grid leaving no one to dissent. This is why we must eductae ourselves NOW if we are to prevent these changes from being implemented.

Itskov said: "We shouldn't just observe the wonderful entrepreneurs - we need to move ahead systematically. We are really at the time when technology can affect human evolution. I want us to shape the future, bring it up for public discussion, and avoid any scenario that could damage humanity."

Itskov wants to align his vision with governments and create a movement within the UN to promote a common goal of merging man with machine.

Martine Rothblatt, speaker at the GF2045, stated that just as organ transplants were once considered insane, someday the public will view neo-humanity as commonplace.

The increased use of Virtual Reality devices, Smart Phones/TV's and other technology, is preparing humanity for closer connections with non-biological intelligence.

Implanted Microchips

When the banks have fully implemented the cashless society and all payments have to be made by Chip & Pin credit or debit cards, the full implementation of implanted microchips will become more apparent. At the moment, the company that produces the Verichip is following the well tried and tested 'stepping stones' approach to the introduction of any agenda not in the best interests of the public by slowly introducing the implant via hospitals and other health care systems. Their marketing depicts the 'caring' side of the device and as always, presents it in a positive way as being beneficial to the human race. Only when sufficient numbers of people have been chipped, will the full horrors become apparent. The device itself, like a mobile phone, will be able to receive incoming signals as well as relay information back to its owners. Thus, people will become robots, capable of being programmed from afar by a signal sent to their chip. Want anger? No problem, we'll just send the correct microwave signal to stimulate the neurons in the brain to respond with aggression. Want sexual stimulation? No problem, just a tweek of the button and another signal goes out. Fear? Anxiety? Sleep? All of these are on the menu. This programme is not part of conspiracy thinking. It is FACT. The process is well underway, with the USA leading the way in bringing it to fruition, with the help of the major banking corporations and businesses. Were you asked if you wanted Chip & Pin? No, you were TOLD that it had to be brought in the prevent fraud. Will you be asked if you want a microchip implanted under your skin? NO! You will be told that it is in your best interests as cash is no longer being used and the electronic system of payments is better for everyone. You will not have a choice. Introduced through the medical profession, travel industry, banking corporations, military and corporate world, the Verichip will be everywhere within a few short years. Can anyone or anything now prevent the snowball that is running ever faster down the hill and taking us all with it? Only if we wake up now and switch on to what is happening. We must refuse to accept these changes before it is too late and change our thinking. As detailed on this website, what we think, we get. We create our reality and only by accepting something does it come into being. If we reject it and at the same time turn our thinking towards higher, more noble ideals, towards the creation of freedom, not slavery, then the future can be altered. Why does something have to happen, simply because some unseen hand deals the cards and we are told to follow like sheep into the way that has been prepared on our behalf? Do you really think that God, the divine intelligence, created humanity to become microchipped slaves, linked to a computer and watched over every moment of every day? Is that the future of the race? Is that what God intended? I don't think so. Anything so unnatural and intrinsically evil, cannot be in the best interests of spiritual unfoldment. 

Change your thinking, and help to change the world. Every one of you reading this can play your part. Like tiny pebbles placed upon the scales of life, every one added to the positive side, will help to tip the balance in favour of what is right.