Is the universe a giant Hologram and how does this concept fit in with our understanding of consciousness?

For many years now, pioneers of cutting edge science have postulated that the universe may in fact be a giant hologram. This may not seem so absurd as some may think, for it certainly seems to fit in with many spiritual teachings and also the latest developments in quantum physics. One of the pioneers in this field Michael Talbot, published a remarkable book called simply 'The Holographic Universe' in which he outlined his theories for believing it to be fact. Essentially, the principles of holography are that images can be captured on photographic film and when illuminated by a very pure light, appear to be three dimensional. So real are these images, that they can be viewed from many angles just as a normal three dimensional form can. What is even more interesting is that if the photographic film containing the image is cut up into smaller pieces, each piece will be seen to contain the whole image. Based on this information, we can speculate that the human body is also holographic in nature, with each part containing knowledge of the whole. This would fit in with what spirit guides such as White Feather have told us and would also explain a great many other happenings such as cellular memory. For example, it has been seen that when someone receives a transplanted organ from another person, cellular memory is also transferred and the recipient of the new organ very often reports knowledge of certain things that appertained to the donor, along with tendencies that also previously applied to the one from whom the organ was taken. Some might say that this is a 'physical' phenomenon, or even that it is untrue, but the fact remains that some information is being transferred from one person to another. Spirit guides have often said that each part of the body is aware of the other parts and that everything communicates as one. The holographic principle may explain how some mediums can read books through their fingertips and even how 'remote viewing' or even 'clairvoyance' takes place. Tests have also shown that if the angle of the light being shone onto the holographic plate is changed, say from 45 degrees to 90 degrees, a completely different holographic image may appear. It is possible to 'store' many hundreds, if not thousands of different images on a single piece of holographic film. Would this not suggest that the 'many faceted soul' that White Feather and others speak of, might reveal the soul itself to be holographic in nature? Of these things, we can but speculate, but for those who seek a deeper understanding here are some interesting links:

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