This group of pages is dedicated to both exposing the current global situation and the massive shift in awareness that is also taking place - what I term 'The Paradigm Shift'

A new paradigm is emerging; giving rise to the convergence of scientific and esoteric thinking that is transforming human understanding about the nature of life itself.

For centuries, philosophers and spiritual thinkers alike have speculated upon the purpose of our being, the afterlife and the existence of God. In contrast, science has followed the route of discovery through the empirical method of experimentation leading to many wonderful discoveries and inventions. Now, for the first time, these two approaches, so often seen as being in opposition are converging into a unified whole, resulting in a new way of thinking and the development of  scientific spirituality.

This is a very exciting time to be upon the earth as the old order and belief systems are challenged and many individuals begin to wake up and realise the great potential that lies within. Each of us is capable of greatness and abilities that were once thought to be the domain of the few are emerging within many people across all walks of life. The intelligent source of creation that guides and directs the universe and all life with meticulous care and wisdom is reaching out to the awakening mass in ways that have been hidden for centuries. Synchronicity,visions, dreams and direct communication from higher non-physical levels are communicating the same message - we are all one.

All that has been hidden from mankind and held within the domain of the secret societies is slowly being revealed. Their plans for a totalitarian New World Order are being exposed as the truth vibrations impact throughout the world. Accept nothing that offends your reason or demands your blind allegiance. Always follow your heart and where it leads you, however implausible it might at first appear. The blinkers are being removed as the light of infinite truth pours into your being.

Now is the time to remember who you are and be that.