There is something deeply wrong with the world!


This is primarily a web site aimed at providing spiritual inspiration, with a combination of wisdom and knowledge to help those of you who are seeking to unfold your soul qualities. Yet, we simply cannot ignore what is happening all around us on this plane of existence in which we find ourselves at this time. Although this earth is but a place where we gain experience during our short visits and is not our ultimate destination, there are changes taking place that affect the spiritual journey of every one who sets foot here and which have to be addressed if spiritual progress is to be maintained. Ignoring what is now being assembled right in front of us is tantamount to turning away from the truth. Quite simply, our world and our society is being forcibly altered in ways that will fundamentally and detrimentally change the way in which we live for many years if not centuries to come. I sincerely believe that we are being taken over ? either by a non human intelligence (as remarkable as this might seem) OR from a level of humanity that is hidden from our normal awareness and is operating covertly through ?world leaders?, multinational companies, global media and other secret organisations. It may well be that a combination of the above is the true reality. All of the evidence that I witness on a daily basis, along with information that is given from the spiritual dimensions suggests that this is the case. Now, you can either log off here, thinking that I am seriously misinformed, totally mad or just an eccentric who believes in conspiracy theories OR just pause for a moment, weigh up the information that I and others present, consider my track record of thirty years as a medium delivering proof and evidence to many people, look at the evidence and then agree with me that something awful just has to be happening to mankind. If you are able to join the dots and see the bigger picture ? and some people just don?t seem to be able to ? then you will agree with me that there is a definite plan to enslave mankind. Look at the short list below, and then ask yourself why ANY civilised society, even one that is driven by wealth, would entertain doing these things to itself:

1) Adding Fluoride to water supplies (mass medication) and telling people that this poison is good for their teeth.

2) Adding Aspartame to many products as a ?sweetner? and informing us that this poison has no harmful effects.

3) Creating man made drugs and medication that cause untold harm to millions and saying that they have been approved for safety.

4) Destroying the health service whilst pretending that more money is actually being spent and that it is being improved.

5) Creating GM crops and forcing us to consume them knowing that they will cause illness and also change human DNA.

6) Cloning animals that we will soon be forced to eat after being told that the meat is safe. Also cloning human/animal hybrids for experimentation whilst being informed that it is to help treat diseases like cancer.

7) Destroying the environment and causing the extinction of many rain forests and species.

8) Creating societies in which criminality is rewarded and goodness destroyed

9) Deliberately bringing into being a cashless society that will force everyone to have a pin numbered card shortly followed by a microchip in order to purchase anything.

10) Slowly merging together countries and regions into larger units or states such to enable centralisation and easier control of citizens.

11) Building a world in which cameras watch everyone all of the time and peddling the lie that this is to prevent crime and terror.

12) Promoting orthodox religion (that has little real basis of fact) whilst actively cutting off man from his higher consciousness.

The list is much longer than this, but surely any reasoning mind will agree that this is not the work of a benign intelligence. It has to be a deliberate agenda designed to create an underclass of robot like, slave people that can be controlled by the few, whoever or whatever they are, seeking to run this world. Or am I dreaming? Work it out for yourselves ? it's not rocket science. If you are in the current minority (whose numbers are growing daily by the way) who think that I and others like me are right in what we say ? please do something about it. Inform as many people as you can because in this way, the collective awareness will change and the scales, which are already beginning to tip the other way as more people become aware, will move ever more swiftly. Time is not upon our side and the urgency of this task cannot be emphasised enough. May I wish you all well on this task. The light is ever upon the side of truth.