Talen from the book 'The Golden Thread' -


“Fear you know, is the great enemy of the soul. Fear is the great enemy of the spirit.  There  are  many,  many  battles  being  fought  upon your  world;  disease, pestilence, anger, oppression, hatred, greed, selfishness.....but at the root of many of these lies fear.  Fear saps and drains away the very vital  energies of the spirit. Fear is like a cancer that emerges within the individual
and grows, almost and often to the point where it consumes all rational thinking and you know, fear is at the root, at the heart of so much disease and illness upon your earth. And yet you might say to me, ‘if fear is upon the earth, what is its purpose? Why does it exist? Does not everything have a  purpose?  Is  not  that  which  is  created  by  the  spirit,  of  the  spirit,  have  a  purpose?’
What is the purpose then, of fear? You know, originally and still today, fear is a necessary aspect in some areas of existence. Fear is established and felt and is registered upon all levels of life, even within the humble insect. Within the spider and the fly, within the bird and the fish, you will find fear because fear is necessary at that level to establish the pattern of evolution. Life has evolved because one species has been able to exist, sometimes at the expense of another, to enable the species to survive, to proliferate, to enable the spirit to be made manifest through it. That does not mean to say that the order of life is based upon the foundation of fear, far from it. But fear is  an  aspect  of  what  you  would  term  the  law  of  the  jungle. For  it  is  necessary at that level that form should evolve in order to survive.
But where there is knowledge, where there is a reasoning mind, where there is an ability to think, to analyse, to dissect, to reason, to understand, there comes a dawning that fear is something to be conquered. Fear is something to be mastered. And yet, how do you conquer fear? How do you rid yourself of fear?
You know, the greatest fear is fear of the unknown. Fear of that which is to be. Fear is born largely out of ignorance. Where there is knowledge, where there is understanding, there, fear cannot find a true lodgement within the heart.  Learn  to  put  fear  aside. Learn  to  imbibe  the  qualities  of  love,  tolerance, compassion, understanding, trust and faith. Allied with fact and knowledge.
Knowledge removes fear. Where there is understanding, where there is a realisation, there can be no fear. These are qualities which are of the higher self, which  are  of  the  higher  spirit  being.  And  we  understand  that  it  is  difficult at times for you to imbibe these upon your level of matter, when you are in the midst of turmoil, conflict, confusion. Where you have to obtain the coin of your world, where you have to live and breathe and move and have your being. But when you are able to enter into the still pool of calm thought and reflect upon the higher principles of your being, there you will find the light of truth.  There you will find the still small voice that  whispers to you. The voice that is louder than anything else. Align yourself to the light. Align yourself to the higher principles of your being and you will find that fear will dissolve and evaporate.
Fear is the prime cause  of  illness  in  your  world.  Fear  creates  blockages,  prevents harmony, disturbs the system. It creates a conflict between the higher state of spirit, the mental state, the emotional state and the physical  body.  Where  there  is  health  and  wholeness,  these  levels  exist  in  a  wondrous harmony, each vibration harmonising easily and effortlessly with the other. Where there is fear, there is disharmony, there is disruption and one or more of these fields of being is out of sync with the other. What is needed is a synthesis of these levels, a harmony, a bringing together. And this is done through knowledge, through understanding and by harmonising with the self and with the laws that operate within and through the self and of which you are a part.
It does not require complex procedures. It does not require ceremonies or  rituals. It requires only that you still the heart and mind. That you still the chatter. Listen to yourself. Listen to your body, what it is telling you. Listen to the feelings that you feel, the energies that circulate and move and have their being within the field of being. Listen to your heart. Listen to your mind. Listen to your emotions, for these things speak to you.
You know, many in your world are ignorant. They live in the realm of the intellect. They do not listen to what their own being is telling them. This you must strive to do. You must strive to sensitise yourself, to sharpen your instincts, to hone them. To listen to the voice of the inner man, the inner self, the higher self. You may refer to this as intuition - it does not matter what label you put upon it - but listen to it.
When you put fear aside, you are beginning to resonate within your true state. You are beginning to vibrate at the true level of your being. You are beginning to open up to the true potential of the higher self,  that it may  manifest through every part, through every facet of your being. Where you have this energy and vibration, disease cannot gain a foothold. Where there is true harmony there can be no fear, no disease, because you are aligning yourself with yourself. You are aligning yourself with the spirit of which you are an innate part.
I  know  that  I  have  spoken  to  you  of  fear  in  the  past  but  this  is  the  opportunity for many of you to learn a great lesson. If you look at the great evolved souls in my world you will see that they have passed through fear. Yes, they have experienced fear, they have known fear but they have passed through it. They have moved beyond it. They have mastered it. These great beings of light, whom some would call angels, are those who have achieved this purity and harmony of self. Look at the index of these souls and you will see fear registered there, but they have moved beyond it. There is no fear, because they know that it is of ignorance.
So think upon this, because fear is the enemy of the modern age. Your world is riddled with fear. Everywhere you look there is fear. Fear of tomorrow, fear of yesterday, fear of death, fear of illness, fear of lack of worth, fear of what others say. Fear of what might have been, fear of life. Put these aside. Allow  yourself  to  bathe  in  the  glorious  light  of  the  spirit  for this  is  the  greatest power in existence. The greatest power, and it is all that you need.”