Watch this space for news of White Feather teachings, plus new books and events and keep up to date with Robert's work.



August 2019 - Transcognitive Spirituality is now available worldwide in electronic format for those of you who prefer e-readers from Amazon.


May 2019 - We are now in the process of recording sessions for the new book. These take a lot of painstaking work to type up, verbatim, before being considered for use in the new manuscript. No title has yet been decided upon, nor the format for the book, although it is anticipated that it will follow the successful format of previous books, with a selection of talks by the guide, followed by questions and answers. If all goes to plan, we will be looking at a publication date of mid - late 2020. In addition, the recent Trance Evening at Northampton SNU was filmed and it is hoped that we may be able to include some short video extracts on this website. There are also 4 new videos (from one complete sitting) to be found on this website; look under White Feather Videos, page II

March 2019 - We are currently in the very early stages of planning a possible new White Feather book. If this comes to fruition it will be the first 'new' material from the guide to be published in almost 12 years (the last being The Enlightened Soul, in 2008). We are recording sessions with a view to obtaining material for the book, so watch this space for further details.

December 2018 - The 'live stream' trance event was, by all accounts, a huge success. At the time of writing we've had over 2200 views of the recording and the company responsible for filming the event are working on an edited version along with some short extracts of the answers given to some of the questions asked to White Feather. Hopefully we will be able to publish these online. 2019 seems to be shaping up as a quiter year for us - perhaps this is for s reason? We have only 6 trance evenings booked, including one of the Isle of Wight, but this may change as the year progresses. We have been asked to demonstrate in both Spain and The Netherlands amongst other places but depending on Amanda's ongoing mobility issues, it may not be possible to accpet these invitations.

October 2018 - We have just agreed the revamped date for the Trance Evening at Kidderminster Beacon of Spirit that will also include a live internet stream allowing those interested worldwide the opportunity to participate and ask questions of White Feather. This is a unique opportunity that may never be repeated. Visit the Beacon of Spirit Facebook page for details of how to take part. The new date is December 1st 2018 - 7.00pm (19.00) UK time.

July 2018 - 'The Golden Thread' , a classic collection of White Feather teachings, first published in 1999 has now been re-printed for the second time and is available from this website.

June 2018 - We have just agreed to undertake a Trance Evening on 1st September 2018 at Kidderminster Beacon of Spirit that will also include a live internet stream allowing those interested worldwide the opportunity to participate and ask questions of White Feather. This is a unique opportunity that may never be repeated. Visit the Beacon of Spirit Facebook page for details of how to take part.

March 2018 - Good news for all E-Reader fans - Roberts latest book Light: The Divine Intelligence is now also available from Amazon worldwide and the competitive price of £8.99. The paperback version, for those that prefer the conventional feel of a book, is still available from this website, priced at £12 plus P+P. Robert has also just completed a second interview with Kathy Beltran (see below) speaking about 'spirituality' and this very informative discussion is now available also on Kathy's You Tube page along with many other interviews with spiritual teachers and trance mediums.


November 2017 - After giving people throughout the UK many opportunities to hear and speak with White Feather throughout 2017, in every instance eliciting a wonderful response from all in attendance (see some of the comments here) it is looking as if 2018 will be much quieter for us. I always let others do my talking for me, preferring not to self-promote beyond this website and my comments via social media. All that I will say is that at 63, my mediumship is still functioning as well as ever, both through trance and evidential messages and I have a lifetime of experience to offer those seeking knowledge and help. There is still time to book a trance evening for 2018 or a Skype reading with me. Contact:


September 2017 - first interview with Kathy Beltran (see below)


July 2017 - I am currently in the process of moving house, which as anyone knows can be quiet a stressful time, but hopefully we'll be settled by the end of August at which time I can look at options going forward. If you haven't taken the time to listen to my regular monthly Podcast, please do so - we've had some really nice feedback from people and the listenership is slowly building. The trance evenings continue to be popular, with one or two exceptions and the type of questions that White Feather is now being asked, reflect a growing awareness of both current global issues and more importantly, the nature of life. Our recent event at Northampton Spiritualist Church was again, filmed, so hopefully we'll be able to upload some new clips in the very near future. There is a possibility that we may do a workshop/trance evening next May in Holland, but details of this are still being finalised.


March 2017 - We have a series of White Feather trance events coming up over the spring/summer at various venues, so hope to see you at one of these. Our regular monthly Podcast continues to attract interest as our audience builds and is available free of charge on your mobile device or computer through various platforms including iTunes  and blubrry and buzzsprout amongst others. If in doubt, search for Rob Goodwin Podcast.

January 2017 - Apologies to those of you who had planned to attend our trance evening at Stourbridge Spiritualist Church on January 14th. We had to cancel at short notice because we had flu over the new year and it left us both with a cough - not ideal for a trance demo! The date has now been re-scheduled for Saturday May 27th.

December 2016  - New White Feather book NOW AVAILABLE in digital format from

The new White Feather book (the first for seven years) is now available only on Amazon Kindle. The Infinite Stream features philosophical sayings from the guide for each day of the year. Ideal for beginners and advanced students alike and also perfect for church readings. Inspirational wisdom from the spirit sage at his very best.


November 2016

Truth from the White Brotherhood is now available on Kindle



September 2016

In the presence of White Feather is now available on Kindle.  



August 2016 

You may have already noticed that we have now introduced a monthly 'Podcast' which is available either on this website (see our Podcast page) or can be played on your mobile phone or tablet. These are for the more serious thinker and cover some deeper topics.


July 2016  


The new book is now available to purchase, having been published 20th June. Go to our Online Shop page to order.

For those interested in furthering their understanding of Light, I would also strongly suggest listening to some fascinating interviews with Gloria Prema, author of 'It's All Light' and originator of 'The Morphic Resonance of Light Unified Theory'. The interviews can be found on this website - click here.


The Collected Wisdom of White Feather and Answers for an Enquiring Mind are both now available for Kindle direct from


May 2016  

We are approaching the final stages of editing and completing artwork for the new book; Light - The Divine Intelligence. The plan is to have the book in print by the end of July or early August if all goes to plan. Further details will be released soon.

April 2016 

The new manuscript is almost complete and we are in the process of reading and amending where necessary. It is expected that it will be ready to go for publication sometime during the summer. The title and content matter will be revealed soon!

March 2016

Work on the new book continues, but I cannot yet reveal the title and content but the plan is to publish the work during 2016 if all goes well. All I can say is that it will prove a very interesting read for those who can think beyond the confines of spiritualism.

At last we have some new White Feather video material for you. Thanks to our friend Martin Gale there are several new clips recorded at Northampton Spiritualist Church in June 2015. These can be viewed on our 'White Feather Video Clips' page on this website.





I recently had a meeting with a senior member of the leading spiritual organisation in the UK in an attempt to stimulate debate on the current global situation regarding the evil predator intelligence that is wreaking so much havoc on this earth. My idea is that such a large and well known organisation should be using it's global contacts to both warn people of what is being planned for the majority of the human race by a few 'elite' individuals and groups and also coordinate communication with those in the spirit world who are also aware of the true nature of events (not just those reported by the mainstream media). So far, the response has been one of complete silence. If a positive response is forthcoming we will inform you immediately. I would stress that I am not trying to stir up trouble, attack any individual or group or undermine the work of my fellow mediums and spiritual workers - I just want to expose the NWO agenda that people don't want to talk about and generate some coordinated action. Please don't shoot the messenger, but doing nothing is not an option.

UPDATE - November 2017 - there has still been NO response after almost three years, to the above request, so I can only assume that it is of no interest and my fears (shared by many people) are still of no concern. Unfortunately it this this type of attitude that is allowing those bringing in the Orwellian society to get away with it and slowly destroy our society. I have made a follow up video (see below) which again has been ignored. When the knock comes on your door, don't say you weren't warned.


July 2015

Robert has been busy working on a series of short videos under the banner of Quantum Consciousness. These inspirational films will appear here on the website under the new page 'Quantum Consciousness' and will be added to periodically. The current one was recorded in September 2015. Please feel free to share them wherever you wish as we would like to get the message out to as many people as possible.

June 2015

We have added a new page to the website 'White Feather Audio Files'. This page features audio recordings of the guide working through Robert before a 'live' audience. The first two recordings are from our recent Trance Evening at Northampton SNU Church on 27th June 2015. More may be added at a future time. I am also working on some new lectures but these are taking longer than anticipated to assemble, so please watch this page for more details.

March 2015

My wife Amanda underwent painful hip surgery in February 2015 which has impacted on some of our bookings, particularly those within the first 4-5 months of the year. This is unfortunate but unavoidable, as family and health have to come first. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience should public demonstrations or private readings have to be cancelled at short notice.

July 2014

Having reached my 60th Birthday on June 19th 2014 I am finding that those that work with me from other dimensions continue to guide me with new information that is both challenging and rewarding. Although I have made a conscious decision to cut back greatly on the number of conventional 'services' that I take within Spiritualist churches, there is still some demand to hear White Feather speak and to this end we continue to undertake trance evenings when asked, to groups both large and small. Indeed, the guide continues to delight audiences wherever he goes as he responds in depth to the many questions put to him.

Regarding certain spiritualist churches and individuals that shall remain nameless, I have to say that I am deeply disappointed and hurt by their total lack of interest, after I have 'served' them for my entire adult life. It seems that the modern trend of promoting mediumship as 'entertainment', especially where messages are concerned means that philosophy is sidelined. Social media sites such as Facebook are also overflowing with praise for the 'celebrity medium' and often those self same individuals promote themselves in egotistical fashion whilst stating that 'it wasn't me, it was spirit' who were so brilliant during their demo. We all know of course, that this is a form of 'humble bragging' of the worst kind. Humility it seems, is a bygone word these days. Similarly, booking secretaries and 'presidents' alike have their own 'favourites' who are booked repeatedly, whilst other equally capable mediums are overlooked and discarded.

Mediums of old were very capable exponents of the art of communication and could also deliver good philosophy, whether under spirit control or not. From what I hear these days though, such individuals are few and far between. Fortunately, I have been privileged to personally know and work alongside such great souls as Eric Hatton, Gordon Higginson, Ursula Roberts, Albert Best, Coral Polge, Mary Duffy, Doris Collins and a few others, so I know what I am talking about. Perhaps one day the movement may return to embrace the values that these individuals promoted. For now, I will continue to do what work I can, in my own way and with the support of my ever loving wife Amanda. My mind remains as sharp as ever and my ability to link with the higher dimensions as vital as it has ever been. Spirituality has to be lived to be worthwhile and there is not a single day that passes where I do not try to uplift some needy soul or expand my own understanding, often unseen and unheard by those wrapped up in their own self promoting universe. In fact, despite my age, I remain as enthusiastic as a young child in a sweet shop, and each new piece of spiritual knowledge and information excites me as much as it has ever done.

Trance Evenings 2016 and beyond

Will all SNU (and independent) spiritualist churches note that Robert has NOT stopped doing his trance work (he has only cut down on SOME divine services) and is still available for special public evenings of trance mediumship with White Feather. These are unique and totally unlike anything you may have experienced before.



After 38 years of continuous platform work (most Sunday evenings) Robert has decided to concentrate more fully on his teaching work and trance demonstrations and will only be undertaking a few selected Sunday evening services at local churches. The unique public White Feather Trance Evenings will be not be affected in any way and the hope is that Robert & Amanda will have more time to devote to this area of their work.