A 'shift' in awareness is underway. Recognise what is happening and how you can be a part of it.

There's an old saying 'fight fire with fire'.

In some instances this may be worth consideration, but the wise soul knows that the higher spiritual wisdom and associated energies will always prove to be stronger than ignorant brute force.

At this time, mankind is facing a titanic battle, one which many people aren't even aware of. We are being bludgeoned by the might of world governments, corporations and unseen, yet materially powerful individuals and families who believe that they have the right to rule over the masses. The collective mass of humanity is seen as sheep or cannon fodder for this vast plan of global control.

We cannot fight this 'like for like'. We do not have armies, or weapons to defend ourselves against the might of the military under their command. We cannot overnight, change the banking systems, the pharmaceutical stranglehold on medicines, government sponsored wars or the ever increasing assault on our privacy and freedom.

What we can do, is to change our thoughts and begin to operate from a higher energy - our soul.

When enough of us do this - and the numbers are increasing daily, then a ground-swell of new thinking and opinion begins to emerge. The authorities cannot deal with this. They have no idea how to handle anything other than blind obedience, interspersed with crushing the odd mass protest here and there. Public dissent is often sporadic and fragmented and  can be easily put down, but a mass shift in consciousness is beyond anything that 'the system' can handle.

The current control mechanism is entirely founded on the principles of slavery, where those at the bottom, working right up to the very summit are there to serve the elite by striving endless hours in a daily environment in which they think they are free, so that the few at the top can profit. 

This is not how life is supposed to be and it's going to change.

The 'weapons' that we have to engage the enemy of ignorance are all powerful - beginning and ending with love. When we operate from this centre, our thoughts and actions become the reverse of what is currently the norm. Instead of thinking 'what's in this for me?' we think and act selflessly for others and lives are transformed. I cannot stress enough, the power of this.

Imagine for a moment, if there were no armies, if no one signed up to 'fight' anyone. There would be no wars. Conflict ceases when no one fights.

Imagine if, instead of believing that the mythical Al-Qaeda or 'the Taliban' were our enemies, we embraced them as parts of our own consciousness, how the fear that is instilled in us to accept these people as 'enemies' would instantly evaporate.

I'm not saying that all global problems would be solved overnight, but instead of operating from the negative, destructive centre that is currently in place and which encourages even greater suffering, an attitude of solving differences by peaceful means would emerge.

The current mindset of mankind is one that has been artificially held in place by control systems for centuries. Now is the time for it to crumble and here's what is going to emerge - what has started happening already (even though you won't hear about it through the mainstream media).

Mankind is going to wake up. We are going to think, act and behave from the highest principles of truth and will no longer tolerate being lied to, cheated upon and made to behave in ways that others decide we should. We are going to resist measures designed to police and control our education, thoughts, actions and behaviour and instead follow what our higher mind is telling us, even if it means defying and resisting whatever measures are placed upon us. Collectively, we are going to emerge from centuries of slumber are remember the divine, celestial beings that we are.

The world will not be a paradise, that is not its purpose (it is a training ground of experience after all) but it will be transformed into a place far different from the one we think is 'real' now.  This has begun and will come about when 'the switch' is made by enough people waking up and becoming aware.

The old establishments will dissolve (although not without a fight on their part) and a truly 'new order' will emerge.


Now is the time to rise to the challenge.


Some of you will ask 'What can we do that is practical?'' Here are a few simple things to begin with:

Open your eyes and 'see' the programming that is being imposed upon you. For example; many company logo's (particularly those of global businesses) are highly symbolic and act as unconscious triggers in the human psyche. Recognise also that many Hollywood films, news reports (particularly visual ones) and TV interviews (especially with 'world leaders') are carefully worded to implant suggestions into the unconscious mind (you are often unaware of the language used).

Challenge anything that you see as wrong or as an imposition upon your freedom. This could be anything from an airport body scan, to a CCTV camera or a banking charge. Refuse to pay any unfair excess charges on credit cards etc.

Don't vote. If you feel compelled to vote then only vote for a genuine independent candidate who has the communities best interests at heart and does not merely spout the official government spin.

Deal in cash. Refuse to accept online bills, online banking or anything that gives more control to an individual or company.

Get out more! If you want to exercise - go for a walk in the fresh air, don't stand in front of a computer screen or a Wii.

Talk to people and socialise. Avoid sites such as facebook or other social networking sites unless you are truly housebound.

Read REAL books, not the trashy celebrity novels and biographies that line the bookshelves of modern stores. Educate yourself!

Use 'Fairtrade' approaches in business dealings. If you can trade by exchanging services, so be it. This is an old but wonderful way of getting what you want through serving others - a truly spiritual way to survive in the material world.

Don't harbour negative feelings towards others - anyone. We are all ONE (yes even those who are trying to enslave us). Don't buy into the fear factor and believe that you have 'enemies'. Any enemy is only a friend unrecognised.

Do something positive for someone today, however small.

Cultivate your connection with your higher self and the infinite consciousness of which you are a part.  You ARE God - remember this.

Connect and interact with the true 'spiritual internet' that is the collective consciousness of our race. When you are attuned to its vibrations, you will hear what it is saying to you. The information will 'come down the wire' directly to you. A recent example of this was the Swine Flu scam which was resisted by millions worldwide who 'knew' the truth of it.

There are countless ways in which you can begin to change and operate from a higher paradigm so feel free to discover and activate your own.

Remember - you made the decision to come to earth at this time to be part of this change. Lets get to it! 

I recently came across these two magnificently inspiring videos which I urge you to watch. These will change your thinking and change your life. Enjoy!

2010 with Shaman, Kiesha Crowther (1 of 2) from Bob Keeton on Vimeo.

2010 with Shaman, Kiesha Crowther (2 of 2) from Bob Keeton on Vimeo.