Being aware of what not what it seems

Where are you on 'the awareness spectrum'?

White Feather planted that seed into my mind very recently - as he often does when imparting a new teaching and it set me thinking more deeply about my own pathway and that of others also. Awareness, could also be termed 'consciousness' and although we are all conscious and thus aware of what we think of as 'reality' (even those who may have a physical or mental impairment), the level of awareness can differ greatly. One can easily fall into the trap of thinking that everyone sees 'the world' as we do - that is most certainly not the case.

Some of us may easily be able to distinguish the level of awareness between say, a rabbit and a human or a goldfish and a dog - if we observe them both, the differences in consciousness and perceived intelligence are there for all to see. But when it comes to humans, although some are more obviously intelligent and clever than others, it is more difficult to discern the difference between intellectual or physical intelligence and true spiritual or expansive awareness. As White Feather has explained, just as there is a real difference between relative truth and absolute truth, so there is also a distinct difference between intellect and awareness.

For example, I am sure you have encountered those in life who you recognise and being intellectually superior to yourself and possibly those who are even more physically or mentally well endowed. This can result in an individual who rises swiftly through the ranks in life to obtain a respected position with all that goes with it - wealth, security, physical comforts, respect of others, social standing and so on. Yet this individual, for all of their perceived strengths and virtues may or may not be as advanced along the awareness spectrum as a simple peasant with no qualifications, who perhaps cannot even read or write.

True awareness, incorporates a knowingness and the ability to perceive or 'see' truly. One can be from the aforementioned group, yet not be able to see beyond tomorrow, but a 'lesser' individual may be able to see well into the future, events that have yet to unfold. This is a type of clairvoyance in a sense, although I do not like to refer to it as that - is it more accurately a state of beingness that has unfolded, allowing the true perception that is beyond time and space to operate.

This, I have realised is why some can 'see' what is happening around them in this world and can glimpse the future of mankind and this planet, whilst others cannot. It explains why we can speak to some until we are blue in the face, but they simply cannot take on board what we offer - they have not yet unfolded their internal mechanism that allows it.  Their eyes are partly open, but their consciousness is not, keeping them from stopping to smell the roses of perpetual awareness.