Here are a few general guidelines that I have found extremely useful when running a successful development circle for mental mediumship.

Some tips for mediumistic development and circle sitting 

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1)      When sitting for mental mediumship be positive in outlook and encourage both yourself and other sitters within the group. Don't be negative about your own development or that of others.

2)      Remember that spirit control is 'mental' not physical, although some physical feelings may be felt.

3)      Never 'guide worship'. Remember that your helper, although possessing more knowledge are not lesser or greater than you.

4)      Always speak truthfully and never embellish any evidence you may have received with your own ideas of what it should be.

5)      Resist any unnecessary feelings to 'rock back and forth' or other bodily movements as these often arise from your own subconscious mind.

6)      If strong feelings emerge for you to 'speak' when under spirit control assist this as much as possible but remember that guides do not speak in 'pidgeon English'. Their link with you is a mental one and they should be able to use your vocabulary.

7)      Don't dwell on the physical feelings you may get. Acknowledge them and if too uncomfortable ask spirit to take them away.

8)      Always be prompt in starting and finishing each meeting.

9)      Avoid negative thoughts or speaking about other sitters in the group. Keep your own counsel regarding the group and do not speak to others outside the group about your development.

10)  Remember that the best progress is slow and steady. It is not a race and there are no short cuts to development.

11)  Do not seek to know the names of the spirit helpers who work with you, they will tell you when they are ready.

12)  Absorb as much knowledge as you can from all sources. Spirit will use this in aiding your development.

13)  Learn when to 'open up' and 'close down' to spirit control. A medium who is 'an ever open door' to communication is not acting wisely or in their own best interests.

14)  Respect the instructions of the circle head (if there is one) who should always be acting in your best interests.

15)  Respect all other sitters and those from the spirit world who take the time and effort to work with you.

16)  Always seek the highest and best in your linking with spirit. Ask that you may be an instrument of truth and light. Do not accept second best.

17)  If you don't understand something that spirit have given you, ask for it to be shown another way.

18)  Try not to leave 'loose ends' with your clairvoyance.

19)  Question everything that your helpers give you and do not accept it if it does not feel right.

Finally, remember that you are linking and working with the highest known power in the universe. It is a privilege to do this. BE HUMBLE.