Can we be of help - send us your questions on mediumship and spiritual development

If you would like me to offer advice on any questions or problems you may have regarding your own spiritual development or mediumship, I'll do my best to answer them. I don't claim to be an authority on everything, but with over thirty years experience as a trance medium and platform worker I may be able to offer some help and guidance. All I ask is that we can publish the questions and answers on this page. If you would prefer to remain anonymous please indicate this on your email and we will respect this.

Q:  "Can anyone become a trance medium?"

Rob: "Not really. I think that everyone has mediumistic gifts as these fall within their natural ability, but to be able to surrender the consciousness to an external mind from the spirit dimension requires a certain kind of make up that the majority of people do not possess. This in no way makes trance mediums special or any better than anyone else, but just as some people are born witth natural abilities, so trance mediumship also falls within that category."

Q: "Where do you go to when you are in a trance state?"

Rob: "I personally do not know where 'I' go to - probably nowehere special! I think that my consciousness is displaced whilst White Feather takes overall control for the time that we work together. I have no recollection of going anywhere at all."

Q: "Then what do you feel when the spirit guide is working through you?"

Rob: "I become him and he becomes me. That may sound strange, but when White Feather is working through me I am not aware of 'me/Rob' at all. Any consciousness of my own that is still present, is only aware of the guide. There is a sense of deep love present. For example, when he is linking through me as I go down into trance, the love is incredible. It's like I could just hug everyone in the hall."

Q: "How important is it to have Amanda working next to you during a trance session?"

Rob: "Amanda helps a lot. She is used to the way that the guide operates and knows when he has obtained control of me. Although I can work OK if she's not with me and have done so many times, I always feel more comfortable when she is next to me."

Q: "Have you ever experienced anything bad whilst in trance?"

Rob: "No, never. Only love and wisdom."

Q: "What would you say to those who accuse mediums of 'dabbling with evil spirits' or 'calling up the dead'?"

Rob: "That is superstitious nonsense. No medium can ever 'call up' anyone from the next life and as for evil - like attracts like. If you sit with love in your heart and with the right intent, you will only draw like minds to you. In over thirty years as a medium I have never, ever encountered anyone from the spirit realms that I would class as evil."

Q: "I often move my hands when in a trance state. How can I truly be in trance if this happens?"

Rob: "A controlling spirit guide, having linked with you, has access to your subconscious mind and that part of it that, through the brain controls motor movements as well as other aspects such as speech, breathing, heart rate and blood pressure so it is is only natural that they shoud if they choose to, utilise hand and arm movements to emphasise certain points when speaking through you."

Q: "I sometimes get other odd feelings when the spirit guide is drawing close to me, is natural?"

Rob: "Absolutely. You will get feelings such as being unable to move, increased heart rate, feelings of tightness in the throat, a pressure in the solar plexus area, feelings of your head being expanded or as if it were facing the other way, heat or cold anywhere on the body and so on. All of these are signs of spirit control and will increase in strength over time as development occurs before subsiding somewhat or disappearing altogether."

Q:"Am I deluding myself by thinking that the spirit world can speak through me?"

Rob: "Those in the next frequencies of life have always contacted those on earth through mediumship and trance is but one aspect of that. Naturally in the early days of development an aspiring medium will doubt his or her abilities and think that it is their own subconscious mind that is placing the ideas, thoughts and words into their head. One should not hold on too strongly to this thought, but simply go along with whatever development is taking place whilst always realising that although the spirit guides know best, there is no problem in questioning what they give. There is nothing wrong with a healthy, discerning mind and the guides will expect their intrument to later analyse what has come through (provided they can remember it), but at the time, allow the communication to flow. Truth will always stand up to scrutiny and those spirit ambassadors who operate through mediums always seek to impart truth. The critical point here is that over time every medium develops the ability to sense what is accurate and what is not. Truth does not need words and any information given that may be less than totally accurate will be sensed by the receiving mind and rejected."

Q:"Are you still developing as a medium?"

Rob: "Yes, development never ends and there is no such thing as a developed medium. All mediums should remember that they are only as good as their last demonstration and always remain humble and faithful to their cause. I personally still have much to learn and do many souls both here on earth and in the higher worlds."