Taken from the book The Golden Thread

Where there is spirit there is life

White Feather: ""Very often you know, I am asked the question, 'Where does life begin, and where does it end?' Let me say firstly that I know nothing of beginnings or endings when we speak of life. I know only of that which is infinite. Because all is in essence part of the Great Spirit, nothing is in any way segregated from the Great Spirit, from that great divine mind of light and love and  intelligence that devised the boundless universe with its multitude and myriad of forms from the most complex to the most simple.
You have always existed and you will always exist, because there is no beginning and no ending. Life is truly infinite. And yet, there is what I call a commencement or indeed, many commencements upon different avenues,  different pathways,  that  lead  into  many  areas which challenge, which  provoke change and which enable the soul or the spirit to reveal its innermost divinity. Such a commencement occurs when you enter into a physical existence, a physical incarnation into this of your earth plane. But when does the spirit enter that? When  does  life  as  you  understand it in the physical sense,  begin?  Now you know there are many views on  this.  Even  in  my world there are differing opinions, but as I have said many times; where there is spirit, there is life, where there is life, there is spirit. I maintain that at the moment of conception, when the male and the female halves link through an act of love, then there is life. Where there is a division of cells,  there is the spirit within that, and despite some who believe that the soul or the spirit links with the form at some later point I must refute this and say categorically, and to repeat myself; that where there is life, there is spirit, and where there is spirit, there is life.
However, there are many levels of linking with that form because the lesser cannot contain the greater and it is that in that tiny spark of life, even though an individualised spirit has linked with it, there still is not facilitated an absolute link that enables the thinking, reasoning processes that you now enjoy. Because that tiny form has not developed its physical apparatus. It does  have  its  brain  and  its  nervous  system  and  all  the  other  various  components that enable the spirit to manifest through a physical body and register its consciousness upon your earth plane. But that is why there is a period of nine of your months to enable the foetus to develop within the womb of its mother and as this occurs, an etheric matrix is created to which the physical body conforms.
Certain genetic factors which are inherited through what your scientists have described to you as the genes, determine physical characteristics such as gender, height, build, weight, colouring and certain hereditary  dispositions, certain  hereditary  gifts  and  predispositions  to  certain  weaknesses  and  disease,  perhaps  later  in  life. This  is  programmed  into  the  physical  apparatus. But linking with that, is the spirit. The individual mind which has chosen - if it has earned the right to do that -  it has chosen that vehicle as the vehicle that enables it to gain expression and experience upon this world.
Now there are various stages which you are aware of, particularly those of you who have borne children, where there is a quickening that takes place within you and you feel the movement. That is one aspect that facilitates a greater  linking   with   the   incarnating  mind  and  spirit  and  its  physical counterpart. The greatest of course, is at the moment of birth when there is entry into your world and that soul, which has chosen that vehicle through which to experience, takes its first breath upon your world and begins to awaken its five senses that enable it to take in so much information as it passes through its life.
Even through its infancy, even as it is growing up there is still a greater link being obtained. This is why your children, because they do not have yet, the physical apparatus, in brain and nervous system growth to facilitate the full expression of the mind, are still naive and innocent in their outlook. They do not  sense  danger  as  you  do.  They  have  not,  the  knowledge  or  the  wherewithal or the wisdom to know always what they are entering into. Even so, within them there is the aspect of conscience which tells them  within,  what  is  right  and  wrong,  even  though  at  times  they  are  not  consciously aware of it. But gradually, the soul begins to express itself and when  this  point  which  you  call  puberty  is reached,  there  is  a  further  quickening, and you find that the greater depths of your children become evident.
You are aware of a deepening of character are you not? Of an emotional aspect? Sometimes this expresses itself in many strange and wonderful ways. Sometimes it is in the form of a rebellion. At other times it is in an awareness, where a child will begin to question why and where, begin to look and examine for itself what awaits it in life. To begin to find, through its first tender steps, its way and its progress that lies ahead of it. And when  that child  reaches  the  age  of around  twenty-one - we  cannot be  directly distinct  about  this  because  these  are  not  hard  and fast  rules  you  must  understand, but general terms of which I speak, because the spirit does not confine itself to the measurement of years and time as you do - but when it reaches this point there is facilitated perhaps, a completion of that cycle and the fully mature individual is able to link, the mind and the emotions are able to link, with your world. Of course, there is some flexibility in this because there are some of that age who are still spiritually and emotionally immature, whilst there are others who are fully mature. You see what I mean by this of the spirit compared to the measurement of your time?
What I am trying to explain to you is that when the spirit links with the body, it is a slow and gradual process and that continues until that point is reached where all of the faculties; emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, can coerce to  a  degree  where  you  have  a  fully  individualised spirit  who  can  gain  experience through the many vicissitudes of life. The many experiences, this polarity of light and dark, negative and positive. This spectrum of life through which it passes.  And this is the purpose of life. It is to give you experience.
You do not learn when all is sunshine and light, when all is a bed of roses, when all is going well. If you look back through your lives you will find that the greatest lessons were obtained in difficulty, in trauma, in heartache. When your innermost latent divinity was called upon to express itself and you were able to find that inner spark, that inner revelation that enabled you to conquer a particular situation. If you do not conquer that situation, then in all probability, through the law that operates, of which you are all a part, it  will  present  itself  again,  perhaps  at  a  further  point  in  this  life  or  even  perhaps at a future point in another life. But you must understand that you have to go through this.
 It is, I know at times very difficult for you. I have stood and watched. I have stood at your grave-sides, I have seen the tears come down from your eyes. I have watched at times as you have struggled and have had to stand back as many who love you have had to stand back, because we are not allowed always to interfere in that which is soul growth. But we do so always with love and with compassion because we know that, that through which you are passing is ultimately that which will liberate you. Which will bring you into the light of understanding and there is nothing else that you can do that will enable that to happen. You have to pass through it. You have to understand it. And it is to be hoped that through this, your journey of life, you equip yourselves for that which is to come. When that life span is completed, then the point is reached which you call death. A word which I do not like to use but which I use because you are familiar with it.  Death occurs when the  connection between the lower and higher aspects which is obtained and maintained through what you understand perhaps as the silver cord, that spiritual  umbilical  that  joins  your  lower  with  your  higher, when that is severed, death occurs.  And each of you will continue to exist in an  unbroken  sequence  regardless  of  your  beliefs,  regardless  of  your  understanding, regardless of anything, because you are spirit.
You do not acquire a spirit body at death. Neither do you enter into the spirit world, although this is a term which is often used. You are already in the spirit world. You already possess a spirit body. All that happens is that the heavy grossness of the physical form falls away to enable the wondrous spirit within to continue to express itself. And that is the purpose of life; to come, to touch upon the earth, like a stone sent skimming across the waters of life. At times you touch upon experiences, at times you move from one to another, but in reality it is only when you sink to the bottom, when you sink  and  rest  and find  peace and  the  stillness  that  lies  within  the  depths  of experience that you come into true knowledge and true awareness. That is greater than anything that I can put into words.
As I look out upon you I can see that you are all at different levels of being. Some of you have both feet upon the spiritual pathway, some of you have one foot, some of you but dip a toe into the water of life. But you are all upon the same pathway. All that I would say to you, and I have said this many times to many souls is; to endeavour to give of your best. To do of that which you believe to be right regardless of what others may think of you or say to you. If you know that it is true, then adhere to it. Because always the truth will win through. Nothing can prevent it from doing so."