White Feather replies to a question submitted by a reader and speaks about 'the breath'

The following question was emailed to us and we were asked if White Feather would provide an answer. Here is the question and the sage's reply:

Q: "I would be pleased to receive White Feather's comments upon what I believe to be "inspired" daily breathing exercises to improve spiritual attunement. The exercises would be carried out after ablutions but before breakfast and comprise of three cycles, each cycle being: Breathing in to the count of 12, whilst mentally drawing Earthly energies through the soles of the feet, up to the Solar Plexus. This would be followed by holding the breath to the count of 16 and dissipating these energies around the solar plexus area. Lastly, mentally attuning to a circle of light within the spirit world and to the count of 20, drawing spiritual energies down through the etheric brain to dissipate and blend within the solar plexus area."

White Feather: "May I first thank the questioner for the question. For it is always good to ask questions and to assess one's own approaches to spiritual disciplines and that to which one aspires. For in this way an individual can seek to improve the self upon many levels and so reach out to the greater consciousness of life, which is the divine heritage of all. Regarding the question which has been put to me, I have no problem with the technique which has been outlined and the approach which is currently being taken for it is a sensible one which addresses various levels of being. I would concur that it is inspired and would suggest firstly that the procedure is continued, provided that the discipline required to undertake it can be maintained and secondly that it may be added unto, perhaps with the enhancement of one or more of the procedures which I am going to outline. As always when I answer a question, I like to do so in the broadest possible sense for I am aware that many often hear or read my words and so it is good that the knowledge and truth which I seek to impart can reach out to many souls. Let me first state the obvious regarding the breath; it is an essential part of your life upon the earth. As you are I am sure well aware, if you stop breathing then your spirit has to withdraw from the physical body and what you term 'death' occurs. That is how important the breath is! Each time you take a breath you breathe in air, oxygen, nutrients which directly impinge upon the operation of the physical body. But you also take in energy. You take in cosmic energy or what some would refer to as 'pranic' energy. I would prefer to call it simply the energy of life and this helps to not only sustain the physical body but also the mind, the emotions and the etheric form. Because when you take in this energy you take in not only physical energies but other higher frequency energies…… .cosmic energies, spiritual energies…..all of which help to balance and maintain the various bodies which you have and express through. The problem with many people in your world is that they do not breathe deeply enough or consciously. Of course it is not required that you breathe consciously for every moment of your life because that would make life a drudgery. Many of the aspects of breathing are controlled and regulated by the subconscious mind, which is a vast storehouse of information of which your conscious mind is unaware. So in a normal sense you do not have to think about breathing, you do it automatically, autonomously. But as in many aspects of spiritual discipline when you consciously breathe, particularly in the manner which the questioner has outlined, then you are imbibing your breath with your own intent, your own will, and you are directing and helping to assist the flow of energies which you are taking in. Indeed, many who have sought enlightenment throughout the ages have recognised the importance of the breath and have developed many systems of characterised breathing which have helped to bring about enlightened states of mind and enabled deeper meditative states to be reached. One thing which I have found to be very helpful in all forms of characterised breathing is the use of the mind, the imagination and the will to draw in particular energies. This can often be done with the assistance of the mind imagining a certain colour. For example, one could visualise upon the in-breath, drawing in a particular colour for a particular region of the body. One could focus upon the higher spiritual colours of blue, purple, gold, white……and focus upon the point between the eyes or at the top of the head. If one is lacking in energy one could focus upon the body……on the solar plexus…..and draw in orange or red. If one is feeling out of sorts, nervous or restless, one could draw in green….and so on and so forth. For each colour has its own frequency, has its own power and vitality. This you will find in some of the fruits and vegetables which you eat. The colour which they hold is afforded them by the energy frequency and the ray appertaining to that energy. This is why fruit and fresh vegetables are so good for you. When you breathe consciously, breathe deeply. Fill your lungs with the breath. Choose a place that is harmonious, for much in your world is polluted. It is no good standing by the side of the road or in the city centre and breathing in deeply! For then you are only taking toxins and poisons into your body. Try to find a place where the air is clear, or if you are doing this exercise in your home then make the atmosphere as clear as possible. Keep some water nearby. If you can breathe in ionised air, that is also an advantage. Do not fill the room with artificial pollutants. Flowers are good, plants are good, for these bring oxygen into the room. Whatever system you employ, whether it is a simple series of techniques that take but a few moments or whether it is a deeper discipline that takes one half to one hour to complete, it does not matter. What matters is what is right for you and for which you feel comfortable and attuned with. Whatever system you employ, be sure that you are disciplined enough to maintain it on a regular basis. Start and finish at roughly the same time each day. Upon waking is a good time because as the sun's energies are beginning to illuminate the earth, as the sap is beginning to rise, as nature is beginning to spring forth into life for the day, so your own energies are quickening. Sometimes when you are tired at the end of a long day, it is not good to undertake such exercises. The body needs rest and the mind can be mentally tired. So early morning is good. When you have carried out your exercise then you can also carry out your normal routine of eating and drinking. It is also good if you have the time, to bathe in cool water. Because water, like air, if it is pure, is good for the body. Water like air, is one of the main principles of life. You could not live without it…..you could not exist without either. Remember that the higher that you can aspire in your thinking, when imbibing energies through the breath, the better it is for you. Because like attracts like. The higher will attract the higher, the lower will draw the lower. I am not one who teaches spending too much time in concentration upon the various energy points of the body because so often when the mind becomes too focused upon the charkas, or upon this aspect or that, it can be to the detriment of other things. Try to understand that the physical body, the etheric body, the emotional body, the spirit body……these are wonderful creations. Provided that each level is considered, looked after and given due attention, then it will serve you well. The physical body is perhaps the most difficult to sustain because of the many pressures that are placed upon it by its environment, but it is capable of wondrous acts which do not require the conscious will. Provided that you respect it, care for it, nurture it, tend to it, then it will be a wonderful vessel for the higher bodies to operate through and within. I hope that this has provided some guidance and has perhaps gone some way to answering the question that was so thoughtfully put to me. In conclusion, let me state quite categorically again, that I am not so much concerned with technique as with process. If it works then it is good. If one feels comfortable in one's activities, provided of course that they do no harm to other life forms, then it is usually a safe bet that they are right and proper for you as an individual. One can always learn of course, one never stops learning, and one must always question, but for now I would follow the inspiration that has been given and recognise that there is a definite purpose to that which is being undertaken. There will, I am informed, be further information imparted as progress is made. The questioner must as always, listen to what comes from within for the voice that speaketh, speaketh in truth."