" I greet you with the supreme love of the divine intelligence as once again I am privilaged to have this opportunity to speak with you. That I do so at your behest is something which fills me with delight for it is always good that you should initiate these proceedings or desire to link with the spirit world in search for higher knowledge and truth, although I know that you recognise that the choice to speak with you is always one which lies within myself. As in all spirit communications it is always the decision of the individual or the group in my world to link and to communicate with the one in your world for no one upon the earth has the power to summon an individual from my world against their will, because the lower does not have dominion over the higher. The lesser does not control the greater. I speak of the lesser not in reference to you asan individual, but of the material domain in its relationship with the higher spiritual function, which in so many ways is superior and more refined.
Knowledge and truth are of course, essential to the development of the soul which is why it is always a delight to have the opportunity to impart them. I thought I would say a few words tonight that apply to that innermost state of being called peace, something which many in your world do not seem to possess. For peace and its accompanying happiness to be found, is reliant upon the individual being able to discover that place of boundless bliss, through inner attunement with the divine. And yet so many in your world seek peace and happiness through external means. They think that happiness lies in the acquisition of material objects and passing experiences. They think it lies in obtaining wealth  and prosperity. But these things do not endure into eternity. All the things of matter to which you pay so much heed will one day pass from you, for they do not last forever. They tarnish, they rust, they decay and that which comes to you will be that which leaves you. You possess nothing. Everything that you have is yours only to borrow for a short while. You may be the keeper of trinkets but you own them not. Even your children which you think of as yours, but pass through you. And even though your association with them may span many lifetimes, many aeons of time, they are not yours. So if you own nothing, if you possess nothing, what have you, but yourself, your knowledge and your experiences and all that is the sum total of your being. So why is it that you need to go outside of yourself to find happiness? Perhaps it is because you have been schooled into your beliefs, you have been educated.....and I use the term loosely.....into believeing one thing or another and draw from this assumption many material aspects that in some way influence you to the point where you are no longer aware of the deeper search in life. Real happiness and real peace comes through the higher spiritual function, when you look into the depths of your being and you enter into the inner sanctuary and find the deep peace and calm that lies there.
There are many things which can prevent this; fear being one of them, apprehension, doubt, wavering, and superstition. Even an over emphasis on intellectualism can stifle intuition. You have to learn to let go, not to hold on to that which is only there to serve the spirit. Not to control it or to hold it, but to let it go. Letting go of that to which you have become so familiar and accustomed is sometimes very difficult to do. The ego and other aspects of the mind seek to cloak down the higher nature and think, mistakingly, that they are so important. What you have to recognise is that just as the magnet has two poles, one which attracts and the other that repels, so you have choices and can choose to let go of the transient, that you may embrace the eternal. Then you will be able to realise and unfold the latent divinity.
In reality, the answers are simple. Man likes to complicate. He likes to confound. The truth and all that is comprises, is very simple. The acquisition of peace and happiness does not require the approval of others, the love of others or the companionship of others. Nor the reliance on anyone or anything. It is the deep inner peace that comes when the individual soul begins it's journey to reconnect with the supreme being, the source of all life.
Have you ever encountered anyone, perhaps for the first time, and when you meet them you sense they have an air of gentleness, of peace and you find that it is as if they can see into your being? When they look into your eyes it is as if they can see right through you and that you can hide nothing from them. You are transparent to them. These are aspects of the more advanced soul, the more evolved being. Such individuals carry with them an essence of calmness, fortitude and peace. Whatever environment they find themselves in, into whatever home they enter, with whomever they connect, they still retain the presence of peace. It is part of the fabric of their being.
Those who seek to evolve would say 'how can I attain that inner wisdom? I wish I could achieve that same level!' The fact is, that you can. What one can do, all can do. Begin by firstly letting go of that which hinders you, which tampers with life, which infiltrates the calmness within. Shut out the chatter of man and his material world and enter deep within your self where the true lasting value can be found, above the materialistic mind.
Secondly, learn to go in to the silence and to delve into the depths of the heart, to swim into the  deeper ocean where even your thoughts pause. Learn to still the mind. Persistence will pay dividends.
You will find at first, when you sit, thoughts will be there, almost incessantly. The chatter of the subconscious mind speaking to you, and the ego, talking almost faster than your thoughts. Eventually this will fade away just like the surface of the lake at the close of day, when the sun begins to sink below the horizon and the waters are stilled and calm. Allow yourself to sink into the inky blackness until the light of truth shines. Here you will find the divine peace will endure for you within every breath. You will find warmth, love, joy and comfort in that deeper part of yourself that shines like a beacon in the darkness. The feelings that accompany this state can only be experienced by the initiate and when you have reached this level of being you will find that when you emerge back into the outer
world, the residue of peace will remain, like the rememberance of symphony or the taste of a fine wine whose essence still remains. Thirdly, learn to discipline yourself. You will find that through discipline you will begin to slip more easily into the comfortable attire of the higher self that guides each individual. But not only by discipline, you must  understand that you cannot aspire to the highest within, unless you continue to replenish the lowest. The body is a temple which the soul temporarily inhabits, although in used by the spirit for its earthly expression. Therefore, seek to make your physical body the finest temple that you can. Keep it clean and wholesome. Do not align it with lower  practices. Be always truthful and loving and kind. Seek never to harm anyone or anything or to hurt another with words or deeds. Learn to fashion the body to the best that you can make it for the souls expression. Even though at times you think that your body is weak or unsuitable for your needs, or that you do not like it, or care not for its appearance, remember that it is your body that you have chosen. You made that choice before you incarnated, so respect your body and your spiritual decision to work through it. Exercise it the best you can, feed it, water it, look after it in the best possible way that you are allowed. Discipline yourself, switch off from the outer and turn on to the inner so that you can hear the subtle, almost silent, invisible world that is real and tangible. Spend time in meditation. Man gives so much energy and time to his television and radio, his car and his work and other forms of 'entertainment'. Whilst we are not saying that these do not have their place we do say that there is an over reliance upon them which is not good for the seeking of God and his spiritual truths.
Finally, learn to love yourself. Not in an egotistical way, but in a way which recognises the oneness of God. How can you love God, how can you love others if you do not love yourself? Learn to love yourself, not your personality.....although you may love that also....but your individuality, which you truly are deep within. Learn to love what you are as part of the Great Spirit. In this way you will find that love will come to you. It will flow through you like a symphony ever playing upon the strings of the heart. Its melody will exude from yevery pore of your being. You will see and love others and yourself  and see the connections between all living things.

If you can follow these simple steps, I am certain that you will discover that deep and lasting peace and happiness will come to you and emerge from you like a wellspring that flows into every crevice, into every facet, into every pore. Do not be too hard on yourself. We are all imperfect. All have made mistakes, many of them created with errors through our mismanagement, misjudgement, stupidity and ignorance. But these things are universal. If you look at the index of an evolved soul in my world, you will see the good and the bad, the light and the dark, the high and the low, the negative and the positive are all there indelibly stamped for all time. There is not one great soul in my world who has not had to come through the lowest of the low. The spirit comes through all levels of being before it attains its nirvana or spiritual attainment.

You are all upon the pathway. There is not one who is greater of lesser than another. There is not one more developed to the extent that they are granted favour over another. The Great Spirit does not give favours. The law operates in accordance with itself and with those who seek to embrace it, understand it and fulfill it. Those who are more     spiritually advanced have earned a greater understanding through their experiences, so that they can use it to their advantage and help others through their freewill.

The law is perfect, it can never be cheated or abrogated. All things have to be earned."