Here, the spirit teacher answers questions put to him by members of the audience.

Here are a selection of questions put to White Feather during live trance evenings. The guide answers each question put to him without any hesitation. More will be added on a regular basis.

Q: "Are all  the upheavals on earth the result of mankind?"

White Feather: "Not necessarily. It depends on what you term or mean by 'upheavals'. If you are referring to natural events such as earthquakes and other things of that form and that nature then it is not always a consequence of mans' ignorance and actions, although in some cases it can be. You must recognise that your world is a living entity, it is a moving planet. It is never constant, it is never still. It is always changing. It always has done and always will do, so that which you consider at times to be a catastrophe is not necessarily so in the eyes of the universe because your world has to change, has to eveolve, has to alter as indeed does all life in order to exist."

Q: "When I am being used as a healing instrument I sometimes notice changes in the energies passing through me. Is this because of my energies that change or because of spirit energies? "

White Feather: "You very often find that it is a combination of both because sometimes, indeed very often where there is a change of emphasis it is because there is greater attunement. Always the power that can be put through a medium, whether it be healing or philosophy, clairvoyance or any other aspect of spiritual energy, is in direct proportion to the level of attunement and the spiritual evolution of the medium. You are not aware of every level of change that takes place within you and around you. Sometimes conditions are better than others and so a greater power can be put through you. Sometimes you know, you are in the correct frame of mind. You are keen and you are ready to do your work and yet you find that the power is in some way muted or obstructed. At other times you may be tired and weary and your mind may be elsewhere and yet the power that comes through you is of the utmost. Have you found that?"

Questioner: "Yes."

White Feather: "Then you must recognise that there are other things outside of your conscious awareness which we have to contend with. Attunement is a very complex matter. It is not only regulated by your thought processes and your emotions, but also by your health and even by the weather on occasions - and certainly by the environment of energies around you and in which you move and have your being. We see more than you do and sometimes what seems to be a victory for you is a defeat for us. Do you understand that? It is a very complex question in actual fact, but in essence that answer is simple: the more attunement, the greater the attunement, the more power that can be passed through you."

Q: A lot of people call Spiritualism a religion. I have never thought of it that way, more as a way of life. Am I right?

White Feather: "In essence you are right. I am not interested in 'ism's'. I am not interested in religions in so far as they can place restrictions upon individual and group progress. I am interested only in souls and where one can learn to move beyond restrictions, then one truly is correct in one's actions because one is opening oneself up to the greater power that knows no bounds; the power of the spirit."

Q: A"You are without doubt a very wise soul. Do you work through one medium or are there many more?"

White Feather: "That (wisdom) is for you to say. I do not declare myself to be wise. I am only who I am. I do not operate through another at the moment and have no plans to do so. In fact I am thinking of retiring when this instrument passes to my world! But in all seriousness, you will find that where there is established the intimacy that is so essential to enable one in my world to link through one in your world, an intimacy that is only established through trial and tribulation, often over many periods - lengthy times in your world, then it is difficult to repeat the pattern with another individual. So I do not and will not operate through anyone else and have no plans to do so."

Q: "Can you communicate in many languages?"

White Feather: "There are many ways of communication. If you are referring to speaking through a medium it is a little more complex than that. For when I speak through a medium and indeed when any teacher from this world speaks through an instrument in your world we are confined to the language and the mentality and spiritual unfoldment of that instrument. That places greater restrictions upon us, but you know, it has been demonstrated over the ages in your world on many occasions in which we spoke through an instrument in different tongues. But of course, the language of thought far transcends the language of 'language'. It is thought that is the essence of being."

Q: "I have been given the gift of communication to the deaf and blind. How do I know what level of spirituality they have reached? What is the reason for their isolation? They cannot have the experience of this sort of evening."

White Feather: " Well you know it is very difficult for any of us to know what state of spirituality another has reached. How do you measure it? By what yardstick do you measure it? How do you weigh up and consider what level they have reached? Even in my world you cannot always measure in hard and fast terms the progress that an individual has made, or otherwise. What you as an individual can do if you have the ability to communicate with them is to look into their hearts. Look into their souls and use your own abilities to weigh up and consider. Use your own intuitive nature and you will find that in this way you will gain insight into how best to help them further - how to guide them how to instruct them, how to give them that helping hand of service. But in hard and fast terms, it is difficult to measure. If I said to you 'can you measure your own growth, your own progress?' you could not. You can only say 'well, I know more than I did then', or 'I have got a deeper insight and a greater understanding than I once had' - and that is all that any of us can do. Perhaps the real measure of a man's spiritual growth is in the service that he gives. In the service that is rendered and in those that are helped, guided and are the benefactors of his actions. Does that help?"

Questioner: Some of the way yes, but there is still more I would like to know."

White Feather: Then ask further."

Questioner: What is the reason for their isolation? Why can't they come to an evening like this?"

White Feather: "Well you know, if you are speaking of the one who is blind or dumb, I could say to you that there are many who do not have the gift of sight who see more than you or I. There are many who are dumb and yet have a greater awareness and intelligence than we do. As to why they have that physical incapacity, it is not a question of punishment or of any deity condemning anyone to that lifestyle. It is a question that they have earned the right to experience that - and I choose my words carefully - they have earned the right to express themselves in that way, and very often a lifetime spent through suffering can quicken the soul far more effectively and easily than can a lifetime of affluence, happiness and joy. You have to look with the eyes of the spirit, not with the eyes of matter. See not the part that presents itself to you. Look at the unseen, the greater whole and you will have a greater insight into the purpose of these things."