Taken from the book 'The collected wisdom of White Feather'

One of the most difficult situations that we as humans are called upon to cope with is death and the grief that often follows in its aftermath. Here the wise teacher, speaking to a grieving mother,  firstly emphasises that in the next phase of existance, all suffering has ceased and then tackles the problems faced by those who remain on earth after their loved one has passed:

White Feather: "The one in my world is in the brightest of health and radiance. There is no sickness, there is no disease, there is no suffering, there is no regret. All is well and let me say that the one to whom you refer, who WAS and IS and EVER SHALL BE a part of you is happy and content and making progress in the realms of light as it was intended that he should.The  sadness remains in your heart, but in his heart there is no sadness. The only sadness is that you are sad. When you place flowers on the spot and when you speak to the grave you are speaking to an empty place, for he is not there. He is with those in my world, with whom he shares an affinity and he is within you, in your heart and around you. This you must understand. Sadness is so often prevalent where there is a passing, where there is distress but we must not hold that sadness forever. There is a time to be sad, there is a time to cry. There is a time also to rejoice that the soul no longer has to encounter the harshness of the material world and the physical 'reality' but is set free in the realms of its true nature which is its home. As I have said so often; where there is love, there is no separation. To you at times, there is a vast chasm between you and yet it is but a hair's breadth.
Now, what about the ones who have been 'left behind' in your world? What about the parents who so often are filled with despair, grief and in some cases guilt? There need be no guilt. There need be no grief beyond the initial shock that transpires. You must remember that every passing occurs because it is meant to be - because of the laws governing that. There is no chance, fate or accident. Whenever anyone passes into my world it is because laws are called into operation that necessitate that passing at that time. When a child passes it is because in reality its time has come to do that. From the child's point of view the initial shock is brief, it passes swiftly and there soon comes a recognition of what has transpired. Very quickly a child is able to be reunited from my side of life with its parent even though they cannot sense it so often. They are not aware that the child is there with them, but from the child's point of view, they are there with them. They can see you, they can hear you, they can be in your midst, in your house, in their own room and their own space and that is perfectly natural. They are helped to understand what has   happened, they are taught and they are helped to recognise that the ones left on the earth plane cannot always see them or hear them as they themselves can do and they are educated into the whys and wherefores of the spirit transition, the spirit world and all that is encompassed. Very quickly they are moved on to the realms of joy and happiness and there is no suffering. This you must understand.
So often, when you see a child passing into my world the last picture that you are left with is one of the child suffering. But that is only momentary. It is only a short time span and it is only in the physical world. Very often the physical body can suffer but the soul, the spirit, does not feel it. There is no pain in death, no suffering in death, only happiness. That you must recognise. Every child in my world, without exception, is met at the moment of death and helped over either by family and certainly by loved ones who have their care and their best interests at heart. What is buried in the grave or cremated is only the    remnant, only the shell. It is not the real self. It is not the individual. The individuality of each child is retained as is every soul who passes into my world and that continues in an unbroken sequence at the moment of death."