Taken from the book 'The collected wisdom of White Feather'

The law of Cause and Effect

"Let  us  first  give  an example  with  which  you  can  associate,  so  as  to explain in simple terms the difference. If you put your hand into a flame, then it can be said that here is the operation of cause and effect. The cause being your hand entering the fire and the effect, as a result of that, being the blistering of the skin and the resulting pain. If however you deliberately put your hand into the fire in order to inflict pain upon yourself or perhaps you put the hand of another into the fire in order to inflict pain upon them, then not  only  do  you  evoke  the  law  of  cause  and  effect  but  also  the law  of  Karma. For what comes into question is the motive, the purpose of your actions.

You see, everything has a price. The price of increased sensitivity is ncreased responsibility and whilst you cannot exhibit perfection at this level of being, because the lesser cannot express the greater, nevertheless you have unfolded a degree of freewill that is linked to the level of    awareness, knowledge and understanding that you have been able to   unfold. And thus, your thoughts and your actions must be justified. For the law operates as I have said on many occasions, with a wonderful   precision and where an individual or a group of individuals has undertaken a particular course of action  with  knowledge, knowing  that  course  of  action  will  result  in  a  specific outcome, then always the law reflects a measured response. And if that act results in pain and suffering to others, to life.....whether it be human, animal, bird, insect, fish.....then the price has to be paid. Always the scales have to be balanced and injustice has to be righted.
You must understand also, that the law fulfills itself in varying degrees of time and  even  though  you  may  have  forgotten  an  action  which  you  undertook many years or even lifetimes ago, the law does not forget and that which has been sown, has to be reaped.
There are times of course when the Karma that is reaped is instant, such as when you put your hand into the fire, but many times it appears that justice is not done in your world or in your physical lifetime, where an individual undertakes an action that goes unpunished. But I say to you, always the law operates to perfection and that which is sown is reaped.

Have you ever questioned why it is that one is born into your world,  perhaps carrying the burden of a particular physical deformity or mental aberration? Perhaps where one is born into poverty or disease or famine?

It has to be recognised that very often, this is the result of Karmic law and the soul has chosen for that facet which is undertaking that particular incarnation, the conditions which it knows will facilitate the greatest lessons being learned to enable service to be rendered and the balance to be redressed. For only when the scales are level and what has to be accrued in a past life has been evened out, and healed, and neutralised, can the soul move on to higher things and greater experiences.
Remember that you are never alone in this quest for unfoldment. Many who undertake to repay a Karmic debt do so with those around them who have chosen to help at this time. Frequently, when you are reintroduced into the body of matter you will find that those with whom you link intimately, you have known before. They have chosen to help you, as indeed you may have chosen to help and assist them in this particular phase of life. Karmic law may take but a few moments to outwork itself, or it may take many aeons of time. But only when it has outworked itself, will the soul progress as it should do.
Try to understand that the more that you do progress, in a sense the less of an impact Karmic law has upon you because you are less likely to err in the way that you have done previously and so there is less to outwork, less to balance, less to correct. The pathway, in a sense, becomes easier and smoother.
When you move out of ignorance and into understanding, when you emerge from darkness to light, then your awareness brings to you a  wisdom that enables you to think and to act in a more controlled  and  disciplined, responsible way. And this of course, quickens your soul.  It speeds your evolution into the realms of light. "