Having been a trance medium for over forty years, I present a few facts that may be of interest to those seeking to follow in my footsteps.

I have often been asked the question How do you go into the trance state when White Feather speaks through you? It is a question familiar to many who sit in development groups to further their own progress as a medium. Many mistakenly believe that a medium who is entranced must themselves be asleep. Indeed, this is a common belief by many who witness all kinds of trance states, even those states not connected with spirit control, such as hypnotic ones. Nothing could be further from the truth because although some deep trance states may appear to show the subject with eyes firmly shut, breathing stilled and all bodily movement ceased, asleep they are not. What happens then to enable a trance state to be entered? In my own case, it is a willing surrender to a higher influence (White Feather) which involves me firstly stilling my mind by focusing on his anticipated thought flow and then allowing him to take over my consciousness to the degree that my own personality, with its thoughts, emotions and memories is subdued or pushed to one side. Where go to I know not, for in this state I am He and He is me. White Feather, like all spirit helpers, enters into my consciousness via the unconscious or as it is referred to the subconscious aspect of the mind. Here, various memories are stored, along with the programmes which run the body without any intervention from the conscious mind or personality. Breathing, pulse rate, blood pressure, organ functions, motor movements and other important areas are regulated at these deeper levels and once the guide has access to them he can transpose or overshadow his own set of parameters which enable his mind and personality to supercede mine. Thus, I have no recollection of the me that is present within my own framework during normal functioning. That has been overshadowed by White Feathers own personality and enables him to operate through me just as surely as if he were within my body as an incarnate spirit. This ability has been honed over many years and the guide seems able to take control quite quickly these days (within about five or six minutes). He can then operate in this state for up to two hours, provided that I am not tiring in which case he usually relinquishes his control.

For those wishing to develop their own trance mediumship I would suggest the following pointers:

  1. Don't  try to make your mind a blank, it will be difficult if not impossible to achieve
  2. Do not concern yourself with the name of your guide or helpers. They will reveal this when ready.
  3. Do not worry about bodily feelings that you encounter in the trance state. These are normal.
  4. Allow your mind to be passive, yet alert.
  5. Dwell upon spiritual thoughts and look forward to linking with your helpers
  6. Be honest, if you get nothing, do not fabricate it.
  7. If you feel the urge to speak allow this to happen when possible
  8. Breathe slowly and gently, keep your eyes shut and look for the thought flow to commence.
  9. Remain humble and truthful in your work. Remember that guides are not Gods.
  10. Never guide worship