Light is far more than we may think it to be. It the source of life, energy, information and much more.


Anyone who's taken any sort of physics knows that light can travel as photons or particles as well as waves. It may be hard to imagine, but under certain conditions, light can actually be turned into another form, a superfluid. In liquid form, instead of halting at an object and illuminating it, light flows around objects, just like water. This state is sometimes called the fifth state of matter or more formally, the Bose-Einstein condensate.

Light as superfluid has many strange and useful properties. For instance, it has no bends or waves, and experiences no friction or viscosity. As a result, this breakthrough could revolutionize any technology based on the transfer of light or electricity, and perhaps even launch the next generation of superconductors. Liquid light has been exceptionally rare up until now. It has only been seen under extreme conditions, in sealed lab chambers set to a temperature a few degrees above absolute zero.

Before, due to the need of such extreme conditions, its use wasn't practical. Not only that, light would only exist in that form for a few fractions of a second. In this study, miraculously, scientists were able to achieve the same state at room temperature over a sustained period. The results were published in the journal Nature Physics.



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Soon after completing his last book Robert felt the sense of being directed towards new information emerging in regards to nature's most precious source of energy and information - light.
Most of us take this phenomenon for granted and seldom take time to reflect on just how important it is to our very existence. In this respect, light isn't just an aspect of the electromagnetic spectrum, it is the source of intelligent information informing our being on every level - spiritual, mental, emotional and biological.
Without it, we cannot survive. Based upon what Robert had uncovered when writing Transcognitive Spirituality, this new book is styled along similar lines, bringing together the scientific and esoteric disciplines and uniting them in the new paradigm that is emerging. Drawing upon his own experiences and those of many inquiring minds that have trodden the path to enlightenment, the author not only unravels the story of light itself, but the way in which it
impacts upon the enlightened state that each of us is destined to attain.
As with its predecessor Light :The Divine Intelligence is written from the layman's perspective and will undoubtedly open up many new doors of perception for those seeking to comprehend the universe in which we live. Interspersed with numerous helpful and instructive illustrations to compliment the narrative it is sure to both inform and delight the true seeker of spiritual understanding.

To find our more about light - click here for the website to Light Documentary a new film released in 2016

Update July 2016

Below are some interview clips that author and researcher Gloria Prema (It's All Light') did with Rob McConnell. In these clips Gloria answers questions about her work and her 'Morphic Resonance of Light, Unified Theory'. This is Gloria's theory (not her verification of any one else's theory) and it is one with which I wholeheartedly concur. I recommend that anyone with a serious interest in discovering more about the nature of life take a listen to what Gloria is outlining here, it is well worth a listen! Her website is:











As I have long since stated, Light is a prime carrier of information. Our human DNA both receives and transmits light, from all frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum and BEYOND the electromagnetic spectrum. When we are 'attuned' to higher frequency ranges, we are open to receiving information that might otherwise be denied us. It makes logical sense then, that if light photons can be transferred and retrieved whilst maintaining their shape (holding their information) all manner of beneficial uses could be applied. It may be possible for example, to 'teleport' living forms from one location to another, or to insert information into the human body to restore health and heal disease. As I see it, this pioneering work is essential to our human understanding of both our own nature and that of the universe in which we live.

The illustration above is inspired by Gloria Prema's work on her theory 'The Morphic Resonance of Light' which states that light is the basis of everything. The drawing shows in basic form how light, comprised of spiraling waves, emerges from the unified field and collapses into particle form upon contact with the OM (this 'sound' also being light at a slower vibration). Gloria states that the spiraling vortexes of light the turn inward, rotating on a single point, to form the basis of 'matter'. This also forms part of resonant fields of information from which entire worlds and all life forms emerge.