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The subject of energy is fascinating. We live in a universe in which everything, even down to the smallest particle is an expression of energy. We express energy every time we have a thought, have a conversation, feel an emotion or complete a task. We have both outwards flows of energy, such as when we express an emotion, and we have inwards energy flows, which would be receiving something from another, like a hug or a compliment. As you can see our daily lives are jam packed full of energy interactions and each one of these has an energy signature which is stored in your field.

So what is an energy field I hear you cry, well every living organism has one, and it is electro-magnetic in nature. The human field is approximately 60-80cms wide and it radiates subtle energy outwards from the core of the body. The field itself is composed of many different layers, patterns and forms which all have specific roles in maintaining your health, well-being and happiness.

As well as supporting your energy exchanges in daily life, the energy fields stores the sum of our life experiences in memory patterns and forms, including memory of old illness and trauma. The field also plays a big role in empowering our desires, our beliefs and our physical presence in the world.

When our energy field is flowing in a balanced way, we remain in good health and we feel positive. However when we face difficult life experiences, trauma, stress or pain we can begin to accumulate blockages in the flow of our energy field. If these blocks are left uncleared they can often lead to physical, emotional and mental imbalance.

Working directly with the energy field means we can remove the blockages and cleanse the field bringing in fresh universal energy to improve health and restore well-being.

The human energy field is incredible because, when balanced, and in optimum condition, it is capable of maintaining and healing itself. However, severe or prolonged illness, trauma or stress can damage the field, and this is when we can start to recognise physical or psychological symptoms that affect our feeling of well-being. Once we arrive at this point the energy field often needs external support, and this is where Energy Field Healing can make a really positive and profound impact.

Energy Field Healing is an advanced form of healing that works to address all issues of ill-health and imbalance and as such works on all levels of your being, physical, emotional and mental. During a healing session, old patterning, blockages and dense or slow energies that have accumulated in your field, will be cleared away, and higher vibrational energy will be brought in to re-balance, repair and re-energise you. 

Energy field healing supports a wide range of conditions including

  • Any and all stress related illness
  • Crisis and emotional imbalance
  • Mental fatigue, stress and inability to cope
  • Frustration and tension
  • Relationship trauma/issues
  • Burn out
  • Joint pain. aches, debilitation
  • Poor sleeping, concentration or demotiviation
  • Headache, brain fog and pressure
  • Post operative support and healing
  • Digestive discomfort

Please note: due to the powerful movement of energy in this form of healing, it is not suitable for people with epilepsy and those with pacemakers. It is also not recommended for pregnant women.

I highly recommend by good friend Emma Kitchen who is a wonderful exponent of this therapy. She can be contacted by phone or email:

07526 36 36 05