Short quotes given through Robert from White Feather - updated regularly

"Politics is of no interest to me beyond its impact upon the wellbeing of all who dwell upon your world.
It matters only that man learns to rise above differences of species, opinion, social status, race, gender, sexuality and religious and cultural beliefs to realise the oneness of all life and the great truth that everything is connected. Only when this is achieved will peace and harmony return to the earth and spiritual prosperity come once again to all."


"There is only one complete freedom: freedom from the self. All else is but an idea of freedom, generated by the self or that to which the self clings."


"Become the cup that contains the wine of wisdom from which others drink."


"Being an 'outsider' will always be part of the spiritual pathway when you are within the minority who see clearly and think as you do. Yet let me offer reassurance that you are surrounded by the invisible hosts of those who are aware of your light and know you as you truly are - not as you may be portrayed. Be true to yourself and the wisdom you possess and let others walk in your shadow if they choose to. They make their choices, as you make yours."


"Your worth, in earthly terms, is measured by your qualifications, social status, profession and material wealth.

In spiritual terms it is calculated by your integrity, honesty, kindness, compassion and the service you render to all sentient life.

The former is of little or no value, but can be bought. The latter is priceless and can never be bought, only earned. Man would do well to remember this."


"The truth, is the truth, is the truth, regardless of individual belief. The facts are what they are, despite what anyone thinks or says to the contrary, however convincing they may appear. Some, know the truth, others do not and can only speak of that which lies within range of their limited comprehension.
How do you know what the reality is and who or what to believe? The answer does not lie within the mind, which takes what meanings please it. Rather, it exists within in the field of higher consciousness, that is beyond all rhetoric and divided opinion. This is where you must elevate yourself if you are to rise above the fervour and demands of the majority mind, whose motivation seldom serves the best interests of the human soul. "


"You cannot sow seeds of hatred and destruction and expect to reap a harvest of peace. Think long and hard before you determine your actions. What you give out, you attract back to yourself. The law is perfect in its operation. "


"When you speak of that which you know to be true, be prepared for some that disagree and do not want to acknowledge what you have offered. They will either ignore you totally or deride what you have said.
Furthermore, be ready for attacks that call into question the very essence of your being and the good that you endeavour to do.
Yet never forget, that if you are overlooked, ridiculed, despised or belittled as a result of speaking out it is probably because your words have threatened the very comfort of those who prefer to remain blissfully unaware of what lies unseen by their vision, even though it is right before them.
Never apologise for saying or doing what you believe to be right. Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. "


"Once you have acquired proof that life is continuous and death is only a doorway through which all must pass, do not rest on your laurels. Expand your search beyond seeking evidence and discover for yourself the eternal truth and wisdom that awaits you. Be not content with mere snippets of fact, but find also the joy of knowing your own unique purpose and place in the great scheme of life that is forever unfolding."


"Only when man sees the oneness of all life - that differences of colour, creed, ethnicity, belief, age and gender constitute only surface differences and that beneath all of these dwells the same eternal spirit, will war and conflict cease.
In life there is only one enemy - ignorance. Learn to love and respect each other and many of your problems will dissolve. The answer lies right there in front of you. Peace is never achievable through war. You cannot sow seeds of destruction and expect to reap a harvest of peace. Only the sowing of peace, yields peace.
Your 'leaders' have yet to learn this simple but profound truth."


"Look not for the seen, but for the unseen.

Listen not for what is spoken, but for what is left unsaid.

Observe not only that which is done, but that which remains undone.

For in the invisible, the silent and the unfinished you will find many answers."


"There are those that are ignorant and have no desire to know. These, we cannot help for their minds are closed and the heart is cold.

There are those that are ignorant but want to know. These we can help for their inner doorway is ready to be opened and truth awaits them.

There are those that know a little but want to know more. These too, we can help because they have given us the keys to their understanding.

Finally there are those that know, have gained wisdom and are said to be enlightened. They have only one desire; to help humanity and the door to their heart is forever open."


"Any society that is based upon taking instead of giving, will inevitably become corrupt.
Giving is a cornerstone in the foundation of life. As with love, it is embedded in the fabric of the soul and no spiritually advanced individual or group can fail to express these qualities in abundance.
So always question the motives of any who lay claim to base their decisions upon your best interests. Are they ultimately serving you or are they seeking to fulfil only their own purpose?
Service is after all, the coin of the spirit and it's true value, beyond earthly measure. "


"I am not here to deliver spiritual platitudes that provide succour to your ego and personal belief systems.
I am here to impart the truth and to shake you to your very roots if it means that you discard the false to allow the seeds of the real take root.


In a broadest sense, it affords me no satisfaction to preach to the converted. Give me ignorant minds that are prepared to listen and consider my words, that I may win them over not with brutishness but with the gentle strength that truth provides. Then I will be satisfied."