On 1st September 2018 we will be undertaking a public Trance demonstration in Kidderminster (UK) with a 'Live Stream' allowing internet users across the world the opportunity to put questions to White Feather

Kidderminster Beacon of Spirit - September 1st 2018 with Live Internet access - put your question to the spirit world directly - a unique opportunity to interact with White Feather.

On Saturday 1st September we (Beacon of Spirit) are extremely excited to be holding the first ever Trance Medium Question & Answer Live Stream event, with Robert Goodwin channeling the presence of the non physical entity White Feather and maintaining the link between questioner and White Feather is Robert's wife Amanda Goodwin.

We are also pleased to announce there will be a limited live audience in the room , which we will be giving more details of closer to the event.

Please leave any comments you have about the event , applying for available audience tickets or any questions you have about the upcoming Live Stream event.

Thank you to everyone for choosing to be part of this special night and if you can invite anyone who you think will be interested please do.

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