An Evening with White Feather is something not to be missed! We offer churches and centres public demonstrations and also more intimate private gatherings for your development circle.


An Evening of Trance Mediumship

 Robert & Amanda Goodwin and White Feather

These events are not to be missed! Robert & Amanda demonstrate throughout the UK and now also in Europe, allowing the teachings of White Feather to be heard by countless numbers of people. A typical evening consists of a short talk, followed by the trance session during which the spirit guide speaks through Robert and then answers questions put to him by members of the audience, with Amanda facilitating.

Always popular, the energy levels of these evenings have to be witnessed to be believed. White Feather himself has been compared to many famous guides including Silver Birch but is a wise individual in his own right and always plays down comparisons with others. In his own words 'it is the message, not the messenger, that counts'.

We look forward to seeing you at one of these events - you can be assured that you will leave knowing more then when you came. The guide never fails to reach into the hearts and minds of all present.



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