These public trance dates feature an initial talk by either Robert or Robert & Amanda Goodwin together followed by a demonstration of Trance Mediumship where the spirit guide White Feather will impart philosophy, followed by an invitation for members of the public to ask him questions on a subject of their choosing. Most sessions last from between and hour and a half to two hours. Why not come along to one of these very informative and enjoyable events, you won't be disappointed!


Please Note: schedules may be subject to change due to personal circumstances. Please check with the venue closer to the date for up to date information.

Public Demonstrations 2018 

Saturday Sept 1st - Kidderminster, Beacon of Light - Trance Evening*

*This event will include a global live stream

Saturday Sept 29th - Banyan Retreat, Kent - Trance Evening

Saturday October 20th - Stourbridge Spiritualist Church - Trance Evening

Saturday November 10th - Churchill Village Hall - Trance Evening

Wednesday November 28th - Beacon of Spirit, Kidderminster 


Further dates may be added - PLEASE CHECK WITH VENUES FOR CONFIRMATION OF START TIMES we cannot accept responsibility for any changes made by the venue.

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