White Feather is a master of spiritual philosophy, speaking on a wide range of topics. It would be impossible to do justice to them all within the confines of this site. Here we will regularly feature snippets of his teachings for those new to his work.

Taken from the White Feather book 'In the presence of White Feather'


White Feather: "As we link with you tonight we seek as always to impart something of worth and of value. To offer a measure of certainty where there is doubt, understanding where there is confusion and enlightenment where there is ignorance, and to this end I thought it would be helpful to say a few words concerning what I refer to as 'the new physics'. For there are many changes taking place, as there always have been and always will be, upon and around your earth. None more so than in the fields of endeavour that link with scientific study and research. There are those free thinkers and modern day explorers who are prepared to push beyond the boundaries and the decreed barriers that represent and enclose man's current understanding. The tragedy for the most part is that these individuals are scorned. They are ridiculed and denied the necessary help to support, to continue to pursue their explorations. But of course this is nothing new. Throughout man's history individuals who have been at the cutting edge of discovery have never been afforded an easy journey and have seldom been recognised by their own people in their own time. Indeed, history will inform you that many of these deeper thinkers were, in their own time regarded as heretics. Some were even put to death, in the physical sense, and it was not until many centuries later that their discoveries and the truths that they sought to expound at the time were recognised as being correct.
Today, upon your world the story is much the same. For even though man has advanced in some areas of his intellect and mental prowess and at times excels,  nevertheless there are still a great many closed minds who are not prepared to  venture beyond the accepted norm and what has become entrenched through many years of indoctrination.
Science is a wonderful tool for discovery and correctly applied enables the mind to push forward unto greater and greater discovery and deeper and deeper understanding, and yet, used incorrectly it can easily form a barrier to further progress as is so often the case.  Much of current thinking over the last few centuries has been based around the teachings of Newtonian physics which in their time were ahead of their time and did a great deal to further man's knowledge and understanding of how the universe, the physical domain, operates. There were of course other great minds who added to this knowledge, there have been many since.
Most recently Einstein, who even as I speak continues his work in my world as do many of the great thinkers who once walked upon the earth. Einstein at least, had begun to gain a grasp of the complexities and intricacies of the sub-atomic world and the implications that has for the relationships between all facets of life. Perhaps it can be stated that generally, the old world view of the structure of form and its relationship with itself at many levels was one of separation, where objects such as planets, galaxies and stars and even individuals such as you and I, although existing within the same dimension nonetheless did not have any connection as such, between one another. Of course, seemingly outside forces such as gravity acted upon these bodies and that in a sense, assumed a link between them. But  modern thinking and recent discoveries into the world of the quantum mechanical level has revealed what we as teachers of spiritual truths have always sought to impart; there are no divisions between the various facets of life at whatever level they exist and that all, in reality is connected.
Recently it has been discovered that man himself is a partaker in the creation of what is loosely termed 'reality'. The very fact that his mind and his being is able to observe matter, influences the way that, that matter operates and determines to an extent the way that path unfolds. If we take an example; light. It has been discovered that light has many properties and that it can appear as both a wave and a particle at the same time - a kind of duality. This in itself has proven to be an extraordinary discovery for humanity and perhaps even more so is that when that light is observed in certain conditions its form 'collapses' into one or the other - either a wave form or a particle form. The very act of observation seems to determine the way that these sub-atomic particles or 'quanta' of light behave. Through observation it seems to be that matter falls either side of the line, as it were, creating the 'reality'. But it has also been noted that even if light, in its observation becomes a particle then its opposite, the wave, also seems to exist at some other level or dimension. Transversely, when the wave is observed then the particle exists somewhere else in another dimension. This is a very complex and deep teaching in the sense that those who have little understanding of the study of quantum mechanics and sub-atomic particles may find this a little difficult to comprehend, but in reality what scientists have and are discovering is what we have been speaking of in many ways for a long time. Trying to communicate this understanding to mankind - that the physical level is only one facet of a much greater whole and that 'death' is not the end of life but merely a progression from one state to another.
What happens you see, when man observes his world and his consciousness impinges itself upon it is that not only does he bring into being the very reality of which he is a part but he also creates an imprint upon his higher self. A record, if you like of all that occurs in his life. All that he has been, all that he is, all that he will be. And when the light form collapses into the wave or the particle, whilst the one aspect settles into what is regarded as the physical reality in which you live, its opposing aspect or other half creates the etheric reality which is also as comprehensive and complete as your physical dimension. So every act, every thought, has this duality in that it has a physical aspect but also an etheric, spiritual aspect. This is why everything that you do, think, say, is recorded upon the etheric, upon the etheric body and when death occurs those energies, those memories if you like, are taken up into the higher spirit body and travel with you. This is why you actually create the spirit body that you have. You are doing it now. We have always stated that you create that body, by your thoughts, by your words, by your actions, by your deeds. But the new physics is offering to humanity, through the scientific body that explores it and delves within it, tangible evidence and proof that this exists.
Another discovery that science has made is that when one observes a particle - let us say an atom or a facet of it, and that instance of observation changes its behaviour, then a subsequent change may also occur in a particle some distance away which is linked to the very particle which is being observed. Distance is no object in this law of observation and explains to an extent why there is no separation between anything. Scientists are baffled how a particle in one place can affect a particle in another place when seemingly, there is no connection between the two. Of course there is a connection! It is a minute sub-atomic connection, but it exists nonetheless, although science has yet to 'see' it. Have we not always stated to you that when you send forth a thought, it reaches another, either in my world or in your world and I am sure that many of you have evidence of this. That which you may refer to as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience of clairsentience. These are only labels. The fact is, a thought is a powerful medium and travels through the ether, through time and space and connects one to another. Indeed, the very principles that we employ when communicating with your earth are founded upon the basis of thought transference. For when we link with you through this instrument we do so through the power of thought. From spirit, through spirit, to spirit. From mind, through mind, to mind. We do not have to make 'physical' contact as it were. We can do so through the power of thought directly, when applied with the knowledge that we have in the right way.

So there has to be a connection between all things. Not only animate but also inanimate. For make no mistake, all are parts of the same whole. When you look around you, you see divisions. You see space between objects. When you look into the night sky and see the stars, see the sun and the moon, you perhaps believe that you have no part of them and they no part of you. And yet perhaps another part of you senses a connection between you. In truth, you are connected to the farthest star in the most distant galaxy and to the highest of the high in my world and the lowest of the low in yours. The fact that you cannot always register these extremes of the spectrum does not mean that you are not connected to them. For you operate within a 'bandwidth' that is largely of your own making. Because the frequency at which you operate and vibrate is in accordance with what you are and have become through your past actions, your past lives and also of course in a physical sense, with the vehicle through which you have to operate, which itself is limited to a small range of frequency and vibrations in the physical universe. But of course you are receiving information upon many other levels of which you are not always consciously aware. Nevertheless you are giving forth and receiving information at all times as you sail upon the ocean of being."